Monday, October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton's support grows in post-debate polls

After a rough few days for Donald Trump, the polls appear to be drifting back towards Hillary Clinton, erasing many of the gains the Republican candidate had made in the run-up to last Monday's presidential debate.

But the evidence that the race has shifted dramatically remains relatively thin, as only a handful of state and national polls have been published since last week's tilt.

The CBC's Presidential Poll Tracker now pegs Clinton's support among decided voters at 45.9 per cent, up 0.5 points from where she stood on the eve of the debate. Trump's support has slipped 0.6 points to 42.8 per cent.

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  1. I think we are seeing the results of Trumps unbelievably stupid efforts in the last week or so.

    1. Maybe but, the L.A. Times Daybreak poll still has Trump ahead by four plus points.

      Hilary is laying into Trump about his taxes but, his tax write-off was legal and demonstrates he's a shrewd businessman. The fact Trump was allowed to write-off a billion dollars demonstrates how corrupt and broken the American system is-that is the politicians fault, especially the ones who have talked a big game for the past 30 years but accomplished little.


    2. TGOPME,

      Yeah, that's why Trump wants to "fix it" so he can more easily do with the right hand what the left hand will no longer be able to do. Smoke and mirrors time.


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