Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Republican Mike Pence narrowly wins VP debate in poll, but upside appears limited

Mike Pence, Donald Trump's Republican running mate for the U.S. presidency, narrowly won last night's debate against Hillary Clinton's VP candidate, Tim Kaine, according to a poll of voters who watched the vice-presidential bout.

But Pence's performance appears unlikely to have a significant impact on Trump's chances of taking the White House.

The CNN/ORC poll, surveying 472 registered voters who had previously been contacted and said they would watch the debate, found that 48 per cent of respondents felt Pence had done the best job, compared with 42 per cent for Kaine.

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  1. 'Republican Mike Pence narrowly wins VP debate in poll, but upside appears limited'

    Shame on you for continuing to promote the false idea that this "debate" has a "winner" with your ridiculous headline.
    Lying continually and never answering a question does NOT produce anything resembling a winner.

    1. Perhaps you should direct your ire to the viewers of the debate.

    2. I for one appreciate your ridiculous headlines, Eric.

  2. Pence waxed eloquently and at length about the sanctity of life - with special focus on unborns.

    But Pence and other prolifers seem to avert their eyes when it comes to the sanctity of the life of a black male in a police encounter.


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