Prince Edward Island provincial polling averages

The following are ThreeHundredEight's weighted polling averages for Prince Edward Island, which is tentatively scheduled to hold an election on October 7, 2019. These weighted averages were last updated on February 11, 2017.
Polls included in the aggregation are weighted by date, sample size, and the track record of the polling firm. Full methodological details can be found here.

The chart below is an unweighted average of all polls conducted in each month going back to January 2010.

Seat projections will be added to this page in the future.

Prince Edward Island Polls

All polls published since the beginning of 2016 are listed below. Parties are ordered by finishing position in the 2015 election.

MQO Research (Jan. 13-16, 2017)
44% LIB, 26% PC, 24% GRE, 6% NDP
Corporate Research Assoc. (Nov. 7-29, 2016)
46% LIB, 25% PC, 22% GRE, 7% NDP
MQO Research (Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2016)
56% LIB, 25% PC, 7% GRE, 11% NDP
Corporate Research Assoc. (Aug. 9-31, 2016)

64% LIB, 19% PC, 9% GRE, 8% NDP
MQO Research (July 5-19, 2016)
64% LIB, 14% PC, 6% GRE, 16% NDP
Corporate Research Assoc. (May 6-30, 2016)
58% LIB, 20% PC, 16% GRE, 7% NDP
MQO Research (Apr. 1-6, 2016)
69% LIB, 17% PC, 9% GRE, 5% NDP
Corporate Research Assoc. (Feb. 9-Mar. 7, 2016)
61% LIB, 19% PC, 11% GRE, 9% NDP


  1. As a former Green Party candidate in Ontario I'm very happy to see Greens growing fast in PEI - the Liberals deciding that a referendum was really just a 'so what do you think' at high cost to taxpayers is a big boon for Greens. We'll see if the support can hold up until the next election which is far away right now.

    A reminder - if you want same old same old just keep voting for the same old parties.

  2. I think that it also helps that the Green Party leader is also in the legislature. Having a presence does wonders to get your name out there. Look at the NDP support. They have no seat in the legislature right now, which is probably why their support is so low.


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