Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome to!

The site is now launched!

As you can see, the site currently only has a Quebec electoral projection. The reason for that is pretty simple. The Canadian election just passed, and no new polls have come out. No projections can be made. When some polls do start to appear, will project for the next Canadian election, and the Quebec projections will be moved to their own page. For now, the Quebec electoral projections are front and centre.

As time goes on, the Quebec electoral projections will be expanded to include individual ridings.

I'm very excited to take on this new endeavour, and I hope you'll keep reading!


  1. Does it make sense to have fractions of seats in the projections, Eric?


  2. Yes, because this is a statistical projection based on averages. Sure, I could round it up or down, but I prefer a more accurate calculation.

  3. I think you could keep the fractions in "high, low, staistical", but you should round them up in the final "seat projection" line. Your projection would like more real, more like somthing that can or will really happen. It would also be easier for us to remember them.

  4. Hmm, maybe I'll change it the next time I calculate the seat projections.

  5. Ask and you shall receive!

    Pass along this website to your friends, let's get some traffic!

  6. Hi
    I love 308, and watch it almost every day. this is my first comment
    I've been watching the polls, and as I emailed to Eric, I think the election in Nova Scotia bumped up the NDP #s(he agreed) the recent PC leadership contest bumped up the Con #s in Ontario(he disagreed) and I also think the recent election in BC bumped up the Libs #s
    what do you think?


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