Monday, December 22, 2008

Newspaper and Online Article Archive

The following is a list of articles that I wrote for various news outlets as a freelancer. New work at the CBC can be found here.


28/03/17 - Erin O'Toole winning Conservative caucus as it shuns leadership front-runners Bernier, O'Leary
26/03/17 - NDP leadership debate to focus on young Canadians and how to win them back
23/03/17 - Leitch slides, O'Leary gains in Conservative Leadership Index
17/03/17 - Alberta, Quebec could carry more weight in NDP leadership race than in 2012
13/03/17 - John Horgan's NDP leads the B.C. polls, if you believe them
09/03/17 - Maxime Bernier, Kevin O'Leary lead Conservative leadership field, data suggests
03/03/17 - Liberal support slides to lowest levels since 2015 election
01/03/17 - Conservative leadership debate in Edmonton the latest to showcase political manoeuvring
23/02/17 - Kevin O'Leary's Conservative leadership rivals struggle to raise profiles
21/02/17 - Liberal backbenchers, Tory leadership hopefuls among Parliament's biggest dissenters
15/02/17 - Most Canadians approve of trade deal with European Union, poll suggests
15/02/17 - Bernier's broad donor base still tops the Conservative leadership field
13/02/17 - Kevin O'Leary's conservatism challenged in Conservative leadership debate
10/02/17 - Census shows Conservatives still hold sway in Canada's fastest growing regions
08/02/17 - Census 2016: Canada's population surpasses 35 million
07/02/17 - Fundraising data suggests Bernier could benefit most from ranked Conservative leadership vote
31/01/17 - Liberals lead in 4th quarter fundraising as Conservative donors focus on leadership race
30/01/17 - 18 MPs called out for heckling in the House of Commons during fall sitting
25/01/17 - Justin Trudeau's dropping approval ratings typical of past prime ministers
22/01/17 - Liberal cabinet retreat in Calgary well-timed as electoral tests loom
20/01/17 - French a major advantage for Conservative leadership contenders
17/01/17 - Gloves come off in French-language Conservative leadership debate
16/01/17 - Andrew Scheer leads endorsement race in Conservative leadership campaign
10/01/17 - Poll suggests Canadians favour spending tax dollars on traditional rather than high-tech infrastructure
09/01/17 - 1 member, 1 vote, a month of suspense: why the NDP leadership race will be different from the Conservative
02/01/17 - 5 provincial politicians to watch in 2017
01/01/17 - 5 federal politicians to watch in 2017
23/12/16 - As Conservative leadership deadline looms, list of 14 could be winnowed down
20/12/16 - Justin Trudeau still in strong position in polls, but recent drop suggests vulnerability
15/12/16 - Just for the rich? All taxpayers pitch in for $1,500 fundraising tickets
12/12/16 - Poll suggests no Conservative leadership contestant has captured Canadians' attention yet
07/12/16 - Liberals hold on to honeymoon gains in national polls
05/12/16 - Maxime Bernier's donor base is bigger and broader than Kellie Leitch's
30/11/16 - Canadians' views on pipelines divided, but 'social license' gives opening to Liberals
25/11/16 - Justin Trudeau a big money draw for the Liberals
24/11/16 - Canadians open to ending door-to-door delivery, government-commissioned poll finds
23/11/16 - Maxime Bernier proposes streamlined CBC mandate and end to advertising
21/11/16 - Planned coal phase-out holds few political risks for Justin Trudeau
17/11/16 - Ontario byelections come at difficult time for Kathleen Wynne's Liberals
16/11/16 - What MPs' endorsements say about the Conservative leadership race
12/11/16 - Shades of Ralph Nader: Did Gary Johnson and Jill Stein tip the 2016 U.S. election?
10/11/16 - Pollsters missed the call by failing to spot Trump's support among white voters
09/11/16 - How Trump defied pundits and pollsters to win the White House
08/11/16 - A Clinton win or a Trump surprise: A viewer's guide to election night in America
05/11/16 - Hillary Clinton has the lead for the final weekend, but will it hold through Tuesday?
02/11/16 - Hillary Clinton's lead dwindles to 2 points in wake of FBI's email probe
31/10/16 - Maxime Bernier beats Conservative rivals in fundraising over summer
29/10/16 - Justin Trudeau should get used to be being heckled by disillusioned voters on the left
25/10/16 - Federal byelection has good signs for Conservatives and Liberals, but not NDP
25/10/16 - Polls favourable to Donald Trump may be overestimating his support, state polls suggest
22/10/16 - Polling associations look to increase transparency with merger, but not everyone is on board
19/10/16 - As final debate looms, Hillary Clinton opens widest lead yet over Donald Trump
18/10/16 - Donald Trump and the war on polls
13/10/16 - Federal precedent favours Yukon Liberals, but campaign will decide the result
12/10/16 - How Trump's campaign could cost the Republicans their majority in Congress
10/10/16 - Donald Trump's dwindling paths to the White House
05/10/16 - Republican Mike Pence narrowly wins VP debate in poll, but upside appears limited
04/10/16 - Tim Kaine, Mike Pence little known as they head into VP debate
03/10/16 - Hillary Clinton's support grows in post-debate polls
28/09/16 - #TrumpWon the debate? Legitimate polls show otherwise
28/09/16 - Crowded Ontario field could have big impact on Conservative leadership race
23/09/16 - Why high-profile candidates may be sitting out Conservative, NDP leadership races
21/09/16 - Donald Trump inches closer to White House as Hillary Clinton slides
19/09/16 - Naming and shaming hecklers in the House of Commons
17/09/16 - Electoral reform could have big impact on Canada's smallest parties
13/09/16 - Conservative base solid, but growth needed to challenge Liberals
12/09/16 - NDP troubles continue 1 year after being government-in-waiting
09/09/16 - Start-up party Strength in Democracy deregistered by Elections Canada
07/09/16 - Trump closes in on Clinton as U.S. election enters final stretch
05/09/16 - Libertarian Gary Johnson's presidential fate to be decided in coming days
31/08/16 - NDP's Halifax Needham byelection victory a warning to Stephen McNeil's Liberals
31/08/16 - Liberals hold post-election gains in summer polling
30/08/16 - Upcoming Alberta byelections pose stiff challenge for Liberals
26/08/16 - Liberal caucus site Saguenay the textbook case for electoral reform
23/08/16 - Hillary Clinton's edge over Donald Trump gets less comfortable
19/08/16 - Donald Trump losing support from reliably Republican demographic groups
17/08/16 - Polls, endorsements and money: measuring the Tory leadership race
13/08/16 - Is the Green Party ready for life after Elizabeth May?
12/08/16 - New polls show Donald Trump trailing badly in key swing states
10/08/16 - Donald Trump's electoral map looking more and more difficult
09/08/16 - Donald Trump in the White House? Canadians are increasingly worried about it
02/08/16 - Hillary Clinton gets convention bump and a little help from Donald Trump
02/08/16 - Kellie Leitch out with early lead in Conservative leadership fundraising
01/08/16 - Democrats would beat Donald Trump in a landslide — if only Canada joined the Union
27/07/16 - Donald Trump gets a convention bump, but Hillary Clinton's could be next
25/07/16 - Canadians feel men have easier time in politics, but women have the chops
21/07/16 - Donald Trump's Republican Party is still divided
19/07/16 - The impact of Libertarian Gary Johnson on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
15/07/16 - Donald Trump's VP pick of Mike Pence could boost his campaign, for now
14/07/16 - Liberals made big gains, but NDP still won the First Nations vote in 2015, data shows
29/06/16 - 2 of the next 3 Amigos could mean trouble for Trudeau
27/06/16 - Clinton widens her edge in the electoral college over beleaguered Trump
23/06/16 - Uniting Wildrose and the PCs in Alberta no easy task for Jason Kenney
22/06/16 - British voters split on Brexit referendum, but Remain may have edge
21/06/16 - Donald Trump slumps in polls after Orlando
15/06/16 - 2015 federal election saw youth vote in unprecedented numbers
14/06/16 - It might be a long wait before Tory, NDP leadership contenders make the jump
08/06/16 - Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in the all-important Electoral College, polls suggest
08/06/16 - Tracking the polls and the Electoral College in the U.S. presidential election
07/06/16 - British voters leaning Leave as Brexit referendum approaches, polls suggest
01/06/16 - Justin Trudeau's Liberals hold support from post-election honeymoon
01/06/16 - Leader Meter tracks each party leader's latest numbers
25/05/16 - Canadians shrug off Justin Trudeau's elbow, polls suggest
25/05/16 - Leadership race rules could exacerbate Conservative Party divisions
19/05/16 - Poll reveals which historical figures Canadians want as the woman on their money
18/05/16 - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: not a coin toss yet
12/05/16 - Partisan interests difficult to avoid in electoral reform debate
11/05/16 - How Conservative and NDP leadership contenders stack up on the money
06/05/16 - Donald Trump set for nomination, but Hillary Clinton still poised to beat him
04/05/16 - Ambrose, MacKay, or O'Leary? What leadership polls tell us about the Conservative race
03/05/16 - Pierre Karl Péladeau's resignation may help Parti Québécois
29/04/16 - Liberals won over Muslims by huge margin in 2015, poll suggests
27/04/16 - Muslim Canadians increasingly proud of and attached to Canada, survey suggests
22/04/16 - Donald Trump's path to Republican nomination looking clearer
21/04/16 - Selinger defeat reduces NDP governments down to one — again
20/04/16 - Brian Pallister's Manitoba PCs win record-breaking victory
19/04/16 - 6 months in, Justin Trudeau's Liberals still riding high in polls
15/04/16 - Liberals onside with public opinion on doctor-assisted dying legislation
13/04/16 - Keeping Tom Mulcair may have been safer bet for NDP, history suggests
12/04/16 - NDP lost the left to Justin Trudeau before rejecting Tom Mulcair
07/04/16 - Manitoba Liberal support slides, PCs gain in new poll
06/04/16 - Brad Wall's victory cements his place at centre of conservative movement
05/04/16 - Brad Wall wins another majority in Saskatchewan's electoral déjà-vu
03/04/16 - Brad Wall poised for another majority victory in Saskatchewan
31/03/16 - Saskatchewan Party lead endures in new poll
30/03/16 - Mulcair's support down from pre-election high among NDP voters
25/03/16 - Canadians support budget, accept deficit, poll suggests
24/03/16 - Saskatchewan leaders' debate unlikely to move many votes, poll suggests
23/03/16 - Donald Trump persuading Republicans, but would lose to Hillary Clinton, polls suggest
22/03/16 - Web traffic suggests anticipation for Liberal budget high
21/03/16 - Manitoba PCs hold lead in new poll as NDP struggles to gain traction
17/03/16 - Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party gains in two new polls
17/03/16 - Despite Donald Trump's wins, U.S. primaries far from over
16/03/16 - How embattled NDP Leader Tom Mulcair stacks up against his predecessors
11/03/16 - 'Lame duck' U.S. President Barack Obama hits new high in popularity
10/03/16 - Brad Wall continues to lead in new Saskatchewan polls
09/03/16 - Marco Rubio's hopes for Republican nomination could be over
08/03/16 - The challenges parties face as Saskatchewan campaign begins
02/03/16 - Liberals increase support since election, early polls suggest
02/03/16 - MMIW inquiry supported by Canadians, but many pessimistic about outcome: poll
29/02/16 - Half of Canadians disagree with sticking by Saudi arms deal, poll suggests
25/02/16 - Brad Wall retains wide but shrinking lead in new Saskatchewan poll
24/02/16 - Justin Trudeau rates highly on economy and approval in new polls
23/02/16 - Donald Trump could hold off Marco Rubio, polls suggest
17/02/16 - Facing re-election, Brad Wall, Greg Selinger are Canada's most and least popular premiers
17/02/16 - Tom Mulcair's electoral record bad omen for future NDP leadership
14/02/16 - Why Energy East is a delicate Liberal balancing act for Justin Trudeau
11/02/16 - Uber should be regulated like taxis, Canadians say
10/02/16 - Do Canadians want to end the ISIS bombing mission? It depends
09/02/16 - Canadians think referendum on electoral reform needs to be held, poll says
05/02/16 - Donald Trump hopes to rebound in New Hampshire, but Iowa loss could hurt
04/02/16 - 32% of Canadians support TPP trade deal but many uncertain, poll suggests
03/02/16 - Liberals drop two byelections, but Green results should make NDP worry
03/02/16 - Speaker Geoff Regan more vocal than predecessors in search of House civility
01/02/16 - President Donald Trump would be bad for Canada, Canadians suggest in new poll
27/01/16 - Manitoba PCs blunt Liberal surge in new poll
27/01/16 - Iowa caucuses going down to the wire as U.S. primary season kicks off
20/01/16 - Justin Trudeau's political honeymoon the envy of world leaders at Davos
18/01/16 - Kevin O'Leary and Peter MacKay top Tory leadership poll
14/01/16 - Ontario PCs hold early lead in Whitby–Oshawa by-election campaign
13/01/16 - What polls can tell us 3 months before Sask. and Manitoba elections
12/01/16 - 2% of Canadian anti-ISIS airstrikes had targets in Syria
06/01/16 - Conservatives' path forward could lead through the centre
02/01/16 - Marijuana, ISIS and assisted dying: What Canadians think of big issues in 2016
29/12/15 - After string of defeats, will 2016 be start of conservative comeback?
24/12/15 - Twas the night before Christmas on Parliament Hill
23/12/15 - Rest of Canada, not Quebec, the key to NDP putting 2015 behind it
18/12/15 - Canadians see Trump's Muslim-ban idea not so differently from Americans
16/12/15 - Indigenous turnout was up — and Liberals may have benefited most
14/12/15 - Justin Trudeau's approval ratings remain high, even among New Democrats
10/12/15 - Is Canadians' support for taking in Syrian refugees increasing?
09/12/15 - Changes to question period could put the prime minister on the spot
07/12/15 - Peter MacKay leads Conservative leadership poll, again
02/12/15 - Size of Justin Trudeau's government breaks records, for better and worse
01/12/15 - Liberals win in dramatic fashion in Newfoundland and Labrador
30/11/15 - Canadians approve of Trudeau's 1st weeks in office, poll suggests
27/11/15 - Dwight Ball's Liberals on track for landslide victory in Monday's N.L. election
26/11/15 - Change to preferential ballot would benefit Liberals
24/11/15 - Ahead of Paris climate talks, Canadians say they're willing to pay to reduce emissions
21/11/15 - How long will Justin Trudeau's honeymoon last?
18/11/15 - Harper's defeat worse, Conservative opposition smaller than most
17/11/15 - NL district poll mirrors unprecedented Liberal gains in provincial campaign
23/10/15 - Post-election polls suggest reasons behind Trudeau win
22/10/15 - Why the polls called it, but seat projections missed
20/10/15 - Momentum carries Liberals past majority threshold
18/10/15 - Liberals poised for win barring Conservative surprise
17/10/15 - As usual, election fortunes come down to GTA
16/10/15 - Are the Liberals now eating into Conservative support?
14/10/15 - British Columbia's 3-way race could decide election
13/10/15 - What the final week of 2011 election might tell us about 2015
10/10/15 - Francophone voters in Quebec to play key role in election outcome
08/10/15 - Portrait of tight race clearing up as polls move into agreement
07/10/15 - Liberal comeback in Toronto dampens Mulcair's hopes for victory
06/10/15 - Conservatives, Liberals trading lead in muddled polling race
03/10/15 - Trudeau and Mulcair need to win big in their backyard of Montreal
02/10/15 - Two narratives emerge in national polls
01/10/15 - Are Stephen Harper's Conservatives inching towards victory?
30/09/15 - Calgary, Edmonton could show cracks in Conservatives' fortress Alberta
28/09/15 - Conservatives gain at NDP expense in Quebec, Ontario
26/09/15 - Liberals looking for gains in Ottawa, NDP in northern Ontario
25/09/15 - NDP slipping nationally as numbers slump in Quebec
23/09/15 - Liberals, NDP, and Tories vying for gains in southwest Ontario
21/09/15 - Canadians no closer to making up their minds in tight 3-way race
19/09/15 - NDP favoured to make gains in Saskatchewan, Liberals in Manitoba
18/09/15 - Trudeau's behind in Papineau? How to read this NDP-commissioned poll
17/09/15 - Will the debate break 3-way logjam?
16/09/15 - Liberals and NDP poised for gains in Atlantic Canada
11/09/15 - Three polls, three leaders, three-way race
10/09/15 - Are the Liberals heading for first place in the polls?
09/09/15 - Canadians want more to be done to help refugees, polls suggest
08/09/15 - Mulcair, Trudeau, Harper remain in close race after campaign's 1st phase
04/09/15 - NDP's front-runner status at risk
02/09/15 - Will British Columbia decide the election's outcome?
31/08/15 - Margin narrows again in three-way race
28/08/15 - Are the Conservatives headed for third?
26/08/15 - Federal leaders' tours offer a glimpse at campaign strategies
25/08/15 - Conservatives have lost edge they had on the economy
21/08/15 - Conservative swing voters could drift because of Duffy trial
21/08/15 - Parties to parents: we want your vote
19/08/15 - NDP continues to lead subtly shifting national race
17/08/15 - Quebec currently Conservatives' only hope for seat gains
14/08/15 - Ontario behind tightening 3-way national race
12/08/15 - Liberal fortunes improve following 1st leaders debate
12/08/15 - Conservatives stand to suffer most from lack of incumbents
09/08/15 - Longer federal election campaign forces pollsters to adjust
05/08/15 - Do premiers help or hinder their federal partners?
05/08/15 - Conservatives have committed voters, NDP has growth potential
04/08/15 - NDP lead widens slightly over Conservatives
01/08/15 - Harper, Mulcair in close race as campaign begins
29/07/15 - How will Joe Oliver, Olivia Chow navigate Toronto's shifting electoral tide?
24/07/15 - Conservatives move into tie with NDP
22/07/15 - Mulcair, Trudeau approval ratings point to potential for growth
20/07/15 - Liberals falling further behind NDP-Conservative race
15/07/15 - NDP holding on to lead with 3 pillars of BC, Ontario, and Quebec
08/07/15 - Conservatives at historic lows in polls, but still competitive
30/06/15 - Thomas Mulcair's NDP leads in national polls as climactic summer begins
12/06/15 - Liberals losing steam as election approaches, polls suggest
10/06/15 - How Gilles Duceppe's return to the Bloc changes the game in Quebec
03/06/15 - 3-way federal race would have unpredictable outcome
27/05/15 - Election debates matter and are worth fighting for, polls suggest
20/05/15 - NDP jumps into 3-way race with Conservatives, Liberals
13/05/15 - NDP up, Conservatives down in Alberta even before historic vote
06/05/15 - Polls show UK campaign going down to the wire
04/05/15 - Can the PC dynasty defy their long odds?
29/04/15 - Liberal lead in Atlantic Canada still wide, but shrinking
28/04/15 - Surging NDP changes contours of Alberta race
23/04/15 - Can polls six months out tell us who will win?
15/04/15 - Justin Trudeau's Liberals lose lead for first time in two years
14/04/15 - Are Jim Prentice's PCs really in trouble?
08/04/15 - Can the Conservatives afford another Mike Duffy hit?
01/04/15 - Tom Mulcair's NDP may be turning a corner, polls suggest
25/03/15 - ISIS mission has support of Canadians, polls suggest
18/03/15 - Ontario key to breaking Liberal-Conservative deadlock
11/03/15 - Can federal Green Party stage a breakthrough in B.C.?
04/03/15 - Trudeau, Mulcair top Harper in approval ratings, but regional swings key
25/02/15 - Liberals, Conservatives still neck and neck in the polls
18/02/15 - Road to majority: what the federal parties need to reach the magic number
11/02/15 - Are Stephen Harper's Conservatives making inroads in Quebec?
04/02/15 - Thibeault favoured in dramatic Sudbury by-election
28/01/15 - British Columbia setting up to be a 3-way contest
26/01/15 - Conservatives narrowly edge Liberals in seat count projection
21/01/15 - Economy, not terrorism, remains Canadians' top vote driver
14/01/15 - Trudeau's Liberals lead among women, Harper's Conservatives among men
07/01/15 - Stephen Harper's approval ratings are up, but is it enough?
30/12/14 - Trudeau's Liberals led in 2014, but what does 2015 hold?
23/12/14 - What should be on the federal leaders' polling wishlist?
17/12/14 - Trudeau's Liberals lead in year-end polls
10/12/14 - Polls show Trudeau, Harper in tight Ontario race
03/12/14 - Electoral reform: Which party would benefit most?
26/11/14 - Trudeau's Liberals drop in polls, but is Harper catching up?
18/11/14 - Byelection results show Liberals, NDP going in different directions
14/11/14 - Whitby-Oshawa, Yellowhead by-elections to test Stephen Harper
05/11/14 - Greg Selinger's cabinet revolt part of worrying trend for incumbents
29/10/14 - Tom Mulcair needs to break out of his Quebec base in 2015
22/10/14 - Justin Trudeau vulnerable on Iraq, but has it hurt him?
15/10/14 - Harper's polling picture bleak, but history offers him hope
06/10/14 - MPs to debate ISIS combat role with polls suggesting broad support
02/10/14 - Trudeau's Liberals widening lead on Conservatives, polls suggest
30/09/14 - Bloc's drop in Quebec a big chance for NDP and Liberals, polls suggest
28/09/14 - Tom Mulcair's poll dilemma: Canadians like him, but will they vote for him?
26/09/14 - Doug Ford hangs on to brother Rob's support, polls suggest
20/09/14 - Polls suggest Liberals poised for government, despite late PC gains
17/09/14 - Scottish independence vote could be as close as Quebec referendum
15/09/14 - Liberal polling lead more than a Justin Trudeau honeymoon

The Hill Times

27/07/15 - What the Conservatives, NDP, and Liberals need to win
06/07/15 - NDP whittles away at the Conservatives' voting coalition
25/05/15 - Hard to sugar coat Conservatives' polling data
27/04/15 - Alberta latest case of a volatile electorate
30/03/15 - Quebec wild card in 2015 election
23/02/15 - Will the NDP let a Prairie opportunity go by?
26/01/15 - How likely are Liberal gains in southwestern Ontario?
15/12/14 - The good, the bad, and the ugly in 2014 polls
24/11/14 - NDP still the party to beat in Quebec
03/11/14 - Will a new party in Quebec change the game in 2015?
29/09/14 - New Brunswick shows little can change in a year
15/09/14 - Liberals have inside track on final sprint to 2015
11/08/14 - Summer lull unlikely to improve Tory fortunes
30/06/14 - Ontario polls show how it should be done
26/05/14 - Nothing new in confusing Ontario polls
28/04/14 - Approval ratings point to advantage for NDP and Mulcair
14/04/14 - Polls do their job in Quebec
24/02/14 - Who is the frontrunner to win in Ontario?
27/01/14 - Quebec provincial politics likely to make waves in Ottawa
16/12/13 - Will polls get back on track in 2014?
25/11/13 - The dangers of great expectations
28/10/13 - Lessons learned from Nova Scotia polling
30/09/13 - Has the Liberal brand rebounded?
26/08/13 - Greens could win second seat in 2015
29/07/13 - Two nations, two views of polling
24/06/13 - Trudeau attacks betray Tory concern with the polls
27/05/13 - Don't give up on polls, demand better
29/04/13 - Polls point to opportunity for Trudeau Liberals
25/03/13 - Polls remain mixed for Mulcair after one year
25/02/13 - The danger in underestimating Trudeau
28/01/13 - Political consensus in Quebec goes missing
17/12/12 - After a rough year, how might the polls do in 2013?
26/11/12 - Tories have reason to worry about Liberal gains
29/10/12 - Provincial leadership races highlight challenges of federal Liberals
24/09/12 - For polls to tell us anything, they need to be put into proper context
17/09/12 - Did Quebec's election polls lie?
27/08/12 - Quebec election poses problems for federal parties
30/07/12 - Greens have come long way, but still have further to go
25/06/12 - Lessons of hypothetical polls for Trudeau leadership bid
28/05/12 - Three years out, polls still have something to say
30/04/12 - Blaming the polls misses the mark in Alberta
26/03/12 - Incumbents challenged from right in provincial showdowns
27/02/12 - Regional shifts suggest new battlegrounds
30/01/12 - Polls point to opportunity for next NDP leader
12/12/11 - Very little recognizable in today's political landscape
28/11/11 - Political theatre in the provinces with majority in Ottawa
31/10/11 - Provincial elections muddy methodological waters
26/09/11 - Polls have been surprisingly unchanged
27/06/11 - Liberals' last Quebec refuge under siege
30/05/11 - Tory majority in Ottawa and provinces could be coming
02/05/11 - Holy! Moly! What's with the polls?
28/03/11 - Harper and Duceppe well-positioned as campaign begins
28/02/11 - Ontario and Quebec the keys to Tory gains
31/01/11 - Election ready, but election willing?
20/12/10 - Prime Minister Harper's Conservatives extend their lead, for now
22/11/10 - Death, taxes, and a five-point Conservative lead

Media Magazine

Spring 2015 - The keys to understanding polls (PDF)
Winter 2012 - Are some pollsters "snake-oil" salespeople? (PDF)

The Globe and Mail

03/09/14 - NDP hopes of Prairie breakthrough dimming
02/09/14 - Everything you need to know about political polling
27/08/14 - Ontario polls swing from Harper, threatening Conservative majority
19/08/14 - Liberals could nearly sweep Atlantic provinces
12/08/14 - Trudeau's Liberals surge in summer polls - but it might be a fluke
05/08/14 - Why BC is so crucial to Mulcair's hopes of becoming PM
23/07/14 - Rob Ford far behind in polls compared to last Toronto election
16/07/14 - Just how realistic are Harper's hopes of a Quebec breakthrough?
08/07/14 - Do Liberals have a shot of winning Alberta seats in 2015?
01/07/14 - By-election results further reinforce significant gains of Trudeau Liberals
25/06/14 - Can polls done a year out predict Trudeau's fortunes in the next election?
13/06/14 - Polls were both right and wrong about Wynne's win. Here's why
10/06/14 - Ontario Liberals could edge out PCs, polls say - but it'll be close
03/06/14 - Ontario PCs, Liberals effectively tied in polls ahead of debate
27/05/14 - Polls point to gains for Ontario Liberals in close race
21/05/14 - Polls point to slim Tory advantage over Liberals in close Ontario race
14/05/14 - Tories, Liberals nearly tied in latest Ontario polls
05/05/14 - Ontario Tories gain slight edge over Liberals in early election polls
29/04/14 - Liberals, Tories neck-and-neck in Ontario polls
22/04/14 - Harper back on top? How to know if new poll is for real
15/04/14 - Liberals consistently lead polls in year since Trudeau became leader
08/04/14 - Grading the pollsters: who got the Quebec election right
03/04/14 - PQ on track for crushing defeat, latest polls suggest
27/03/14 - How vote-splitting could deny Quebec parties a majority
19/03/14 - Smaller Quebec parties helping Liberals, hurting PQ
12/03/14 - PQ, Liberals pulling into tie in Quebec
06/03/14 - Parti Québécois on track for majority: polls
26/02/14 - PQ heading for Quebec majority: why the polls might be right
19/02/14 - In battle of Harper vs. Trudeau, polls clash on who has the edge among likely voters
13/02/14 - Trudeau or Harper for best PM? Polls depend on how you ask
06/02/14 - Trudeau's Liberals hang on to lead, but majority in doubt
29/01/14 - Peter MacKay the favourite to replace Harper, polls show
22/01/14 - Quebeckers support religious-symbols ban, but oppose charter on partisan lines
15/01/14 - Why the Bloc is unlikely to reclaim another Quebec victory
09/01/14 - Why Ontario, Quebec, and N.B. premiers could be turfed in 2014 elections
30/12/13 - 2013 in polls: Trudeau's honeymoon and Harper's steady decline
26/12/13 - Conservative support hits lowest point since Harper became PM
18/12/13 - Liberals rebound from disaster in 2013, with national and provincial leads
12/12/13 - The NDP is at historic levels of support. Why that might not be enough to win
03/12/13 - Tories trail Liberals by eight points as Senate scandal rages
26/11/13 - By-election's winners: Liberals. Losers: robocall polls
20/11/13 - Liberals poised for Manitoba upset, but are the polls right?
13/11/13 - What Conservative voters think about Harper
06/11/13 - Amid crack scandal, Ford's approval ratings (but not in Ford Nation)
01/11/13 - Conservatives take a hit in the polls as Senate scandal rages
25/10/13 - Are Trudeau's Liberals really up by 10 points? How to know when to trust a poll
16/10/13 - Harper's poll numbers have never been this low before a Throne Speech
09/10/13 - Intense scrutiny of N.S. election brought pollsters close to the mark
03/10/13 - Liberal support slipping as Parliament's return draws near
02/10/13 - Why Congress likely can't make Americans' faith in government any worse
26/09/13 - In N.S. election, polls are strongly in Liberals' favour
19/09/13 - Trudeau getting longer honeymoon than previous Liberal leaders
12/09/13 - Francophones flock to PQ during charter debate
05/09/13 - Federal polls hold steady - which is good news for Trudeau
29/08/13 - Majority of Canadians want to loosen marijuana laws
22/08/13 - Canadians getting more and more unhappy with prorogations
15/08/13 - No more phone calls: is online polling the future?
08/08/13 - How robo-calls work: the cheap and easy way to poll
01/08/13 - Incumbent parties win by-elections when turnout is low
25/07/13 - Why telephone polling used to be the best and why it's dying out
18/07/13 - Tories put more women in cabinet but face gender gap in support
11/07/13 - Quebeckers equally unhappy with Harper and Marois
04/07/13 - Trudeau's Liberals extend national polling lead over Tories
28/06/13 - How did Canadians vote during the Cold War?
21/06/13 - Liberal brand is alive and well in Quebec
13/06/13 - In history of polls, Harper's re-election odds are not good
06/06/13 - Ford's approval ratings remarkably steady through scandals
30/05/13 - Canadians want to reform or abolish the Senate: polls
22/05/13 - Why the B.C. polls were wrong: voters aren't like the rest of us
15/05/13 - Why were the polls completely wrong about the B.C. election?
13/05/13 - B.C. NDP poised to win election, Liberal momentum stalling
09/05/13 - Trudeau's Liberals lead Tories by seven points in polls
06/05/13 - B.C. Liberals closing gap with NDP in election polls
01/05/13 - B.C. Liberals gain on NDP in polls, but they're still the long shot
30/04/13 - Ontario Liberals and PCs in close race, NDP falls behind in polls
24/04/13 - Why the B.C. NDP aren't likely to see a Wildrose-like collapse
23/04/13 - Why Trudeau's polling bump may not last long
17/04/13 - Polls give BC NDP near-insurmountable lead over Liberals
15/04/13 - How Trudeau's campaign has boosted the Liberals in polls
12/04/13 - Low approval ratings give BC and NS premiers cause for concern
04/04/13 - Trudeau boosts Liberals into tie with Conservatives in polls
28/03/13 - Why a change to your ballot would give the NDP an edge next election
21/03/13 - Why B.C. Liberals see hope in the polls (and why they're probably wrong)
14/03/13 - Why the Conservative slide in the polls is worse than usual
07/03/13 - Why Premier Wynne's polling honeymoon may soon end
28/02/13 - Marois holds slim but steady lead in Quebec polls
19/02/13 - Ontario Liberals up in polls since Wynne won, but election a gamble
11/02/13 - When should backbenchers give up all hope of being in cabinet?
03/02/13 - Wildrose or PQ senators? Welcome to an elected red chamber
28/01/13 - Conservatives benefit as NDP's slide in the polls continues
21/01/13 - Natives are under-represented in Parliament - and for women and youth it's even worse
16/01/13 - Ontario Liberal race: Pupatello leans rural, Wynne takes Toronto
15/01/13 - Higher native turnout could have reduced Harper to minority government
08/01/13 - Winter of discontent: over the holiday break, party in power usually loses support
31/12/12 - After a rocky year in polling, the new normal: a slim Tory lead over the NDP
27/12/12 - Why Liberal polling numbers are all over the map
17/12/12 - Tories consistent in number of bills passed - the difference is they're bigger
10/12/12 - In Ontario Liberal leadership race, three hopefuls take colleague's support
03/12/12 - B.C. NDP on track to win provincial election in landslide
27/11/12 - Narrow NDP and Tory by-election wins show big boost in Green vote
19/11/12 - If Calgary Centre doesn't go blue, it would be a historic upset
07/11/12 - Who else won big last night? The pollsters and the forecasters
05/11/12 - Democrat or Republican: guess which party is better for Canada
29/10/12 - Ontario NDP picks up support in wake of McGuinty resignation announcement
22/10/12 - Will Liberals keep their Trudeau bounce in the polls? Probably not
15/10/12 - What MPs actually talk about when they talk in Parliament
09/10/12 - Why cancelling the Mississauga gas plant was pointless for the Ontario Liberals
01/10/12 - NDP slips nationally as Quebec support weakens
24/09/12 - How routine MP speeches are becoming more and more partisan
18/09/12 - Are you an MP? If not, odds are you won't be Liberal leader
10/09/12 - How history would be different if Canada used U.S. electoral system
05/09/12 - PQ won Quebec election, despite under-performing numbers
03/09/12 - Quebecers poised to elect Marois first female premier
29/08/12 - Latest projections puts PQ on track for slim majority
22/08/12 - Do Charest's Liberals have more support than it appears?
15/08/12 - Parti Québécois lead in Quebec, as CAQ eats away at Liberal support
08/08/12 - Quebec election likely to leave minority government, but will it be Liberal or PQ?
02/08/12 - Francophone support gives Parti Québécois the edge
30/07/12 - In Quebec election, three-way races could make the difference
23/07/12 - Charest's fate in Quebec election comes down to these six ridings
16/07/12 - Quebec's next election winner may surprise
09/07/12 - Newfoundland NDP surges to first place in polls in historic shift
02/07/12 - With a shuffle in mind, how does the Tory cabinet stack up?
25/06/12 - Would a united left really be able to topple the Tories?
18/06/12 - Tory EI reform, NDP oil-sands barb lays bare regional split in polls
11/06/12 - Ontario NDP polling gains put McGuinty on shaky ground
04/06/12 - Conservative ridings aging quickest, census shows
28/05/12 - Why Harper should avoid 'governments lose by-elections' mantra
14/05/12 - With students in streets, Charest faces tough slog with PQ in polls
07/05/12 - How would Harper fare in a French-style run-off election?
30/04/12 - A year in, Harper's lost more ground in majority than two minorities
24/04/12 - Final Alberta poll hinted at decisive swing from Wildrose to PC
23/04/12 - Mulcair gives NDP significant bump in polls - but will it last?
16/04/12 - Wildrose on track for majority with a week to go in Alberta
09/04/12 - Toppling Alberta PCs would be historic - but Wildrose might not rule for long
02/04/12 - A week in, Alberta election is Wildrose's to lose
26/03/12 - On leadership mandate, Mulcair tops Dion but trails Harper
19/03/12 - On NDP endorsements, it's Mulcair's quantity vs. Topp's quality
12/03/12 - Pension tinkering fails to dent Tory support among older Canadians
05/03/12 - If robo-calls were meant to keep voters away, they failed miserably
27/02/12 - PQ claws its way back atop tumultuous Quebec polling landscape
20/02/12 - Are by-election voters swayed by the death of an MP in office?
13/02/12 - What US-style primaries would look like for the NDP
06/02/12 - Another PC majority appears all but inevitable in Alberta
30/01/12 - Alberta could be in for a surprise in the next election
23/01/12 - Just how big an electoral challenge do Liberals face in 2015?
16/01/12 - History tends to smile on MPs who cross the floor
09/01/12 - Mulcair gathering steam in NDP race, Wikipedia tea leaves suggest
04/01/12 - Tory and NDP slippages gives Liberals a polling boost in key provinces
26/12/11 - Tory peak, NDP surge and Liberal collapse mark turbulent year in polling
19/12/11 - How do leaders without seats reach the Commons?
12/12/11 - Quebec-born leaders give federal parties a significant electoral edge
05/12/11 - Farmers better represented in the House than the field as sun sets on wheat board
28/11/11 - Can Quebec's new party win over non-francophones?
21/11/11 - Will by-election boost Charest before battle with Legault begins in earnest?
14/11/11 - Provincial election results reinforce Liberal pain, Tory and NDP gain
06/11/11 - Brad Wall set to strengthen his hold on Saskatchewan
02/11/11 - Six months in, Tories peak and NDP shows staying power in polls
24/10/11 - Will redrawing Commons map resolve under-representation?
17/10/11 - Does lower voter turnout always favour incumbents?
09/10/11 - With Tories cruising to victory, Newfoundland NDP charts course for opposition
07/10/11 - Pollsters did better - but still missed mark - in Ontario
03/10/11 - McGuinty could still eke out majority in final days of uncertain race
26/09/11 - Neck-and-neck Ontario race favours McGuinty three weeks in
21/09/11 - Ballot box the only poll that matters - but which method works best beforehand?
18/09/11 - Hudak's Toronto stumble weighs down Tories after two weeks
12/09/11 - McGuinty, Hudak bound for even split in early days of Ontario vote
08/09/11 - HST riding breakdown shows method to Christy Clark election madness
29/08/11 - Jack Layton secures his place in NDP - and Canadian - pantheon
24/08/11 - With Harper in House, McGuinty has history on his side this fall
15/08/11 - Tories poised for win in Newfoundland's evolving election race
08/08/11 - In Ontario race, McGuinty may be running out of steam
01/08/11 - In Manitoba race, odds could tip in Greg Selinger's favour
26/07/11 - In Sask. and PEI re-election campaigns, there are no guarantees
18/07/11 - History doesn't bear out Harper's hope for brief NDP honeymoon in Quebec
11/07/11 - Summertime and government living is easy? Not necessarily
04/07/11 - Which federal party has the most 'career politicians'?
26/06/11 - So just how inexperienced is Layton's team of MPs?
20/06/11 - Will PQ pattern of revolt prevent Pauline Marois from becoming premier?
12/06/11 - How much will killing per-vote subsidy stack odds in Tory favour?
06/06/11 - Meet the average Tory, New Democrat, and Liberal voter
29/05/11 - The new Tory constituency: Far less francophone, far more multicultural
23/05/11 - The new NDP constituency: Far more francophone, far less multicultural
15/05/11 - The new Liberal constituency: less wealthy, less diverse, very East Coast
08/05/11 - A multimillion-vote seat change for federal parties
03/05/11 - How vote-splitting gave the Tories Ontario - and a majority
01/05/11 - Majority barely an option, Official Opposition up for grabs as final polls roll in
24/04/11 - Tory majority could hinge on where votes bleed to NDP in final week
17/04/11 - Liberal and NDP gains dampen Tory hopes for majority three weeks in
10/04/11 - Harper just shy of projected majority as momentum wanes after Week Two
03/04/11 - Tory majority still out of reach despite first-week gains, polls suggest
27/03/11 - The best - and worst - Harper, Ignatieff and Layton can expect from an election
20/03/11 - Tories and Bloc poised for modest gains in snap election
13/03/11 - Is Simcoe-Grey a Tory riding or a Guergis riding?
06/03/11 - New ridings unlikely to clear path to majority government
27/02/11 - From pre-writ polls to election day, history is not on Ignatieff's side
21/02/11 - AM radio or YouTube? How parties reach their supporters
14/02/11 - Sophomore MPs prove no easier to beat than veterans
09/02/11 - Though on rock-solid ground, Tories face fearsome odds for majority
07/02/11 - NDP weakness sets up two-way race between Harper and Ignatieff
02/02/11 - Liberals poised for gains, but not government, in make-or-break battle
31/01/11 - Liberals trump Tories on Twitter and Facebook, but Harper rules Google roost
27/01/11 - With a dozen MPs vulnerable, NDP faces defensive campaign
23/01/11 - Per-vote subsidy but a fraction of taxpayer support for political parties
19/01/11 - Bloc aims for high-water mark in Quebec
16/01/11 - Polls show Sisyphean task ahead for Harper and Ignatieff
13/01/11 - With bar set low, Greens have decent shot at victory
09/01/11 - Political deep freeze endures - even in hypothetical fantasyland
06/01/11 - More cabinet ministers mean more money and more votes
20/12/10 - Much ventured for only slight Conservative polling gain in 2010
17/12/10 - Is a Tory majority even possible?
12/12/10 - Darrell Dexter faces minority amid Atlantic Canadian landslides
08/12/10 - Liberal brand takes 10-year beating
06/12/10 - Tories edge back ahead of combined Liberal-NDP forces in seat projection
01/12/10 - Why Charest should be thankful he's not facing Duceppe
29/11/10 - What would an elected Senate look like?
24/11/10 - Why it's tough for Michael Ignatieff to straddle the centre
22/11/10 - Does the Tim Hortons crowd really vote Tory?
17/11/10 - Tories would be outnumbered by Liberals and NDP in snap poll
14/11/10 - Does easy access to Starbucks latte really make you vote Liberal?
11/11/10 - Saskatchewan voters flock to Brad Wall during Potash battle
07/11/10 - What Parliament would look like if only women voted
03/11/10 - Tories, NDP look secure in Manitoba but Vaughan will go down to wire
31/10/10 - Mild Tory pain means slight Liberal gain from stagnant electorate
24/10/10 - Struggling B.C. Liberals face overwhelming rise in NDP tide
17/10/10 - Harper holds ground against Ignatieff as Layton recovers from gun fight
14/10/10 - How a new centre-right party would reshape Quebec
07/10/10 - How Parliament would look if only youth voted
04/10/10 - NDP pain means Liberal gain with Tories still on track for minority
29/09/10 - Ontario Tories on track for best result since Mike Harris
27/09/10 - N.B. prediction: It's bad news for Shawn Graham

The Huffington Post Canada 

05/09/14 - Trudeau Liberals ahead on issues Canadians care about most
03/09/14 - Gallant's Liberals headed for big win in New Brunswick
28/08/14 - Rob Ford closing gap on John Tory in Toronto mayoral race
27/08/14 - Poll suggests potential PC leadership candidates not well known
22/08/14 - Harper Conservatives closing gap on Trudeau Liberals? Not so fast
20/08/14 - Trudeau widens lead on question of preferred prime minister
17/08/14 - Bloc's shift under new leader should help Liberals, NDP
12/08/14 - N&L poll suggests the Rock is turning Liberal red
08/08/14 - Chow slips to third, Tory leads in Toronto mayoral race
06/08/14 - Chow not just the 'NDP candidate' in Toronto mayoral race
18/07/14 - Conservatives take eye off ball with rhetoric on sex and drugs
16/07/14 - Gallant's N.B. Liberals poised to form government
11/07/14 - Trudeau's Liberals still lead but Tories making gains
04/07/14 - British Columbians, Albertans differ wildly on Northern Gateway
01/07/14 - Half of Canadians unhappy with federal, provincial governments
28/06/14 - Can Trudeau Liberals keep up momentum?
21/06/14 - Most Canadians oppose Tories' cyberbullying bill, poll suggests
17/06/14 - Mario Beaulieu's ascension to Bloc throne plays into hands of rivals
14/06/14 - Kathleen Wynne's victory may significantly impact Harper, Trudeau
07/06/14 - Ontario election polls in final week of campaign may show debate's impact
04/06/14 - Why the Ontario election debate is unlikely to have changed many minds
28/05/14 - Pollster suggesting Trudeau's pro-choice stance hurt him didn't ask about abortion
24/05/14 - Why Hudak may have played his hand too early
20/05/14 - Bellwether ridings may provide clues about which party will win
17/05/14 - Ontario poll suggests Wynne's leading, but Hudak may have ace up sleeve
09/05/14 - Why Trudeau's pro-choice pledge won't cost him votes
06/05/14 - Wynne's Liberals hope to win by veering left
30/04/14 - Quebec poll suggests momentum swinging in Mulcair's favour
25/04/14 - Tories rebounding from darkest days, polls suggest
23/04/14 - Provincial leadership races in 2014 carry stench of defeat, desperation
18/04/14 - The more Canadians know about the Fair Elections Act, the less they like it
12/04/14 - Hudak and Ontario PCs' polling may be on the rise (maybe)
08/04/14 - Crushing defeat a stinging rebuke for PQ, sovereignty movement
05/04/14 - Marois seems poised to lose election that was hers to win
28/03/14 - Final Quebec debate may spur more change in wild campaign
25/03/14 - Polls suggest Liberals still lead, but turnout could be key in 2015
21/03/14 - First Quebec election debate may benefit Liberals' Couillard most
17/03/14 - Trinity-Spadina by-election a tasty appetizer to October's main course
10/03/14 - Marois, Péladeau win week one
06/03/14 - Polls suggest Quebec election is Marois' to lose
28/02/14 - Trudeau, Mulcair will probably have to work together
25/02/14 - Poll suggests some Liberal policies may boost support, pot risky
19/02/14 - Quebec poll suggests Marois headed for majority
14/02/14 - Spring votes seems inevitable after Horwath's big night
10/02/14 - Flaherty's focus is on delivering surplus
08/02/14 - Manitoba poll suggests Selinger's NDP is in trouble
31/01/14 - Ontario poll suggests Hudak's Tories polling at lowest level in a decade
30/01/14 - Trudeau's Senate gambit will put him in the right spot for 2015
24/01/14 - Poll suggests Trudeau Liberals' lead over Tories is the real deal
17/01/14 - Poll suggests most Canadians want Keystone pipeline built
15/01/14 - Could Harper be the last leader of a united Conservative Party?
11/01/14 - Poll suggests Canadians slightly prefer Trudeau for PM
03/01/14 - Poll suggests Canadians would rather have a beer with Trudeau
31/12/13 - Which premiers, opposition leaders scored the best in 2013?
21/12/13 - What each federal political party must do to succeed in 2014
17/12/13 - Can Harper's government really bounce back from 2013?
10/12/13 - Poll suggests Tom Mulcair is the most popular politician in Quebec
06/12/13 - Poll suggests Liberals would win landslide victories in Atlantic provinces
03/12/13 - Poll suggests Liberals lead in Ontario, NDP has edge in BC
26/11/13 - Liberal losses in Brandon-Souris, Provencher say more than big wins
22/11/13 - Poll suggests Trudeau Liberals on rise in Quebec
20/11/13 - Hudak's Ford problem could prove fatal to his election hopes
14/11/13 - Poll suggests most Torontonians want Rob Ford to step aside
08/11/13 - Liberals may pick up seat in Tory fortress
06/11/13 - Poll suggests Liberals not seen as best to handle any major issues
01/11/13 - Polls suggest things may get a lot worse for Harper
25/10/13 - Pauline Marois may have good reason to go for it
22/10/13 - Is Nenshi destined for bigger things after Calgary blowout?
18/10/13 - Trudeau Liberals lead Harper Tories by 10 points, poll suggests
11/10/13 - Manitoba poll suggests Liberals have replaced NDP as Tory alternative
08/10/13 - Hudak's Tories still in no position to form government
01/10/13 - Poll suggests McNeil's Liberals set to defeat Dexter's NDP
27/09/13 - Toronto, Montreal by-elections put Trudeau and Mulcair to the test
20/09/13 - Mulcair's NDP back on top in Quebec as Liberal support dips
17/09/13 - Support for Quebec's values charter dropping
11/09/13 - Poll suggests Canadians fine with Trudeau's pot admission
06/09/13 - Senate expense scandal, corruption growing as issues of concern for voters
04/09/13 - Quebec's charter buzz boosts Parti Québécois
27/08/13 - Trudeau Liberals keep lead
23/08/13 - Quebec poll suggests Liberals keeping lead while NDP, Tories on move
20/08/13 - Will Wynne, Marois, or Dexter break the incumbents' win streak?
16/08/13 - Trudeau's marijuana stance is high-risk, high-reward
09/08/13 - Why Ontario Tories will likely give Hudak another shot
07/08/13 - Harper's Quebec mission
02/08/13 - By-elections a bigger defeat for Hudak than Wynne
26/07/13 - Trudeau's Liberals on downward trend, but staying ahead
23/07/13 - Mulcair's NDP drifts into the background
19/07/13 - Poll suggests Trudeau honeymoon may be wearing off
12/07/13 - Poll suggests Holyday may be headed to Queen's Park
09/07/13 - Poll suggests things may get worse for Harper
05/07/13 - Conservative poll numbers show elements of good, bad, and ugly
03/07/13 - Poll suggests Hudak's PCs winning by default
20/06/13 - Harper's Tories: How summer break couldn't have come soon enough
18/06/13 - Mulcair's NDP: Party stuggles to get back in the running
14/06/13 - Trudeau's Liberals: The highs and lows of a party rebuilding
11/06/13 - N.S. poll suggests Dexter is in trouble
07/06/13 - Harper, Trudeau, and Mulcair differ on how to fix Senate's woes
31/05/13 - Conservatives may be going extinct in Quebec
29/05/13 - Ontario NDP wasn't in position to force election
23/05/13 - Conservatives in very dark period due to gaffes, errors, and scandal
20/05/13 - For Harper, Trudeau, and Mulcair, the campaign is underway
15/05/13 - Polls spectacularly wrong as Clark crushes Dix
10/05/13 - Ontario poll suggests most don't want a spring election
08/05/13 - Trudeau attacks ads have failed to hurt Liberals: poll
06/05/13 - Campaign's last few days could prove decisive
01/05/13 - Poll suggests Penashue will be easily defeated in Labrador
29/04/13 - Stakes are high in BC leaders debate
26/04/13 - Trudeau's Quebec poll numbers suggest he could win back province
24/04/13 - Redford's popularity problem dragging down Alberta Tories
22/04/13 - BC NDP, Liberals off to bumpy start but NDP remains on top
19/04/13 - Poll suggests Trudeau's Liberals could take immigrant vote away from Tories
17/04/13 - Close Ontario poll suggests Hudak may be wise to gamble on election
16/04/13 - Ridings up for grabs in B.C. election
12/04/13 - Dix's NDP poised to defeat Clark's Liberals
09/04/13 - Poll suggests Trudeau is winning because of his dad, and Canadians don't mind
06/04/13 - Trudeau, Liberals face long road back to contention
05/04/13 - Poll delivers bad news for former Tory cabinet minister
02/04/13 - Poll suggests 'Trudeau effect' already boosting Liberals
28/03/13 - Poll suggests Harper in trouble even if NDP and Liberals don't co-operate
27/03/13 - Fight for second place may be only suspense left in LPC leadership
22/03/13 - Christy Clark's days likely numbered
19/03/13 - Cabinet shuffle? Harper may add fresh faces in advance of 2015 election
15/03/13 - Close Quebec poll suggests trouble ahead for Marois
12/03/13 - Atlantic Canada polls suggest battle brewing between NDP and Liberals
08/03/13 - Trudeau on track for first ballot win in leadership race
06/03/13 - Nova Scotia poll suggests Dexter has shot at re-election
01/03/13 - Canadians still favour immigration, but many want stricter policy
26/02/13 - Trudeau's Ontario poll numbers suggest he could win province
22/02/13 - Canada getting more liberal on Harper's watch, but Canadians think we're moving right
20/02/13 - Close Ontario polls suggest Wynne's government may survive
15/02/13 - Senate poll reveals support reform
12/02/13 - Trudeau's poll numbers suggest Canadians eager for change
08/02/13 - Polls show Clark isn't exactly in B.C.'s good books
06/02/13 - Northern Gateway pipeline poll reveals rift between B.C. and Alberta
01/02/13 - Poll shows Wynne may spell trouble for Horwath
29/01/13 - Poll shows Wynne will have tough time staying premier
25/01/13 - Poll suggests Harper will keep winning as long as rivals fail to corral supporters
22/01/13 - Polls show Harper's Conservatives widening lead over NDP
18/01/13 - Pupatello and Wynne favoured, but election hopes less certain
15/01/13 - Philippe Couillard could lead Quebec Liberals to victory
11/01/13 - Liberal ideology still dominates in Canada, poll finds
08/01/13 - NDP poll finds Canada is ready for Mulcair government
04/01/13 - Stephen Harper polls find Canadians are divided on PM's performance
25/12/12 - What Canada's political parties need to do in 2013
21/12/12 - How the parties fared in 2012
18/12/12 - NDP-Liberal alliance might still lose to Tories
13/12/12 - Poll puts NDP on Conservatives' tail
11/12/12 - Trudeau poll suggests Liberal leadership front-runner may be faltering
11/12/12 - Gen Y still believes in marriage, kids, and retirement
07/12/12 - Martime polls suggest incumbents are in trouble
06/12/12 - Gen Y in Canada: Taxes, tolerance, and voting top list of what makes a good citizen
04/12/12 - Kennedy favoured for leadership as Liberals surge in new poll
30/11/12 - Polls show Chow and Coderre could win in Toronto and Montreal
29/11/12 - Generation Y favours NDP over all other political parties
27/11/12 - Liberal leadership poll finds Trudeau dominant among challengers
23/11/12 - Tories, NDP, Liberals split national support evenly
21/11/12 - Millennials want to buy real estate despite obstacles: survey
20/11/12 - By-election battles shaping up to be closer than expected
01/11/12 - Conservative support dips in new poll as three-horse race takes shape
30/10/12 - NDP shouldn't worry about Bloc's Clarity Act stunt
26/10/12 - Poll finds Trudeau could reshape race in Quebec
24/10/12 - Poll results show Trudeau stacks up well on key issues
20/10/12 - Poll finds support for PQ policy, but not their government
16/10/12 - Iran attack poll finds Canadians and Americans don't agree
12/10/12 - Economy poll reveals Harper's advantage over Obama and Cameron
09/10/12 - Can anyone challenge Trudeau?
05/10/12 - Free trade poll finds Canadians divided on past deals
02/10/12 - Issues poll hints at motivation for Conservative policies
28/09/12 - Trudeau's style and likability could outweigh his inexperience
24/09/12 - Harper disapproval hits 50 per cent in new poll
21/09/12 - Ontario polls paint confusing picture of political landscape
18/09/12 - Polls tell very different stories as parliament resumes
13/09/12 - Poll reveals good news for provincial New Democrats
11/09/12 - Poll delivers bad news to Dexter and other Atlantic premiers
05/09/12 - How did the pollsters do?
04/09/12 - Quebec election polls predict PQ victory
04/09/12 - Clark, B.C. Liberal fortunes continue to sink
31/08/12 - Poll reveals typical Harper supporter
28/08/12 - Undecideds will likely pick Quebec winner
24/08/12 - NDP winning battle of the attack ads?
22/08/12 - Can the NDP and Liberals make gains in Conservative Alberta?
21/08/12 - B.C. Conservatives gain at Premier Clark's expense
21/08/12 - Debate may result in gains for Québec Solidaire at PQ's expense
17/08/12 - Polls show NDP gaining fround in B.C.
17/08/12 - Poll gives Harper and the Conservatives five point lead over NDP
16/08/12 - Calgary Centre by-election likely to be won by Conservative candidate, poll shows
14/08/12 - Quebec contest becoming three-way race
10/08/12 - McGuinty and Hudak headed for showdown
08/08/12 - Duchesneau's candidacy may force Charest to talk about corruption
03/08/12 - Clark's Northern Gateway strategy not paying off in polls
31/07/12 - Northern Gateway pipeline battle puts Harper in tough position
27/07/12 - Many parties have high hopes on eve of Quebec election
24/07/12 - Halifax gathering to expose rifts between provinces and Ottawa
20/07/12 - Nanos polls show re-shaping of political landscape
17/07/12 - EKOS poll finds potentially catastrophic collapse for Conservatives
13/07/12 - Charest may call early vote
10/07/12 - Etobicoke Centre by-election will be close, if it happens
06/07/12 - 2011 financial returns mark best year of fundraising for Tories
04/07/12 - Federal leaders' BBQ circuit
29/06/12 - Country favours mixed model system according to poll
27/06/12 - Quebec support for Harper Conservatives an uphill battle
22/06/12 - NDP beats Tories in first round of four-year battle
19/06/12 - Charest making gains while Mulcair maintains stranglehold
15/06/12 - Liberal race is Trudeau's to lose now
12/06/12 - Poll shows majority of Liberal supporters favour union with NDP
08/06/12 - Dexter Canada's least popular as three of four Atlantic premiers see drop in support
05/06/12 - Charest could call election amid protests and Charbonneau Commission
01/06/12 - Mulcair trip unlikely to put an end to his Dutch Disease strategy
28/05/12 - Poll finds strong support for Thomas Mulcair's party and positions
25/05/12 - Nanos finds young and old Canadians don't agree on country's priorities
22/05/12 - Polls find Quebec split about emergency law aimed at ending student protests
15/05/12 - Christy Clark would lose to NDP even if she united the right
11/05/12 - Why the NDP is hammering the Tories
08/05/12 - NDP wave's next destination may be B.C.
04/05/12 - Polls suggest Stephen Harper and Tories may have peaked in 2011
01/05/12 - Witmer's resignation could spell the end of Hudak's leadership
27/04/12 - A look at key ridings likely to be affected by redrawing of map
24/04/12 - What does the vote mean for Alberta?
20/04/12 - Polls may embolden NDP's Andrea Horwath
17/04/12 - Conservative tie with NDP may be broken in the suburbs
13/04/12 - Polls show Liberals lagging behind Mulcair's NDP
11/04/12 - Poll shows Tories closing gap with Wildrose
04/04/12 - F-35 report from Auditor General unlikely to turn Canada against Tories
03/04/12 - Alberta, BC, Quebec may all see incumbents booted from office
30/03/12 - NDP tied with Tories in new poll after Mulcair takes reins
26/03/12 - NDP leader must do more than secure Quebec to become PM
23/03/12 - Where in the country are each of the NDP candidates strongest?
23/03/12 - Which NDP candidate has the best hope of beating Stephen Harper? 
20/03/12 - B.C. Premier poised to be swept from office by Adrian Dix's NDP
16/03/12 - Canadians feel county would be just fine without Quebec
13/03/12 - Quebec polls suggest a three-way federal battle
09/03/12 - Poll finds Tory support unchanged despite plurality of Canadians blaming Tories for robocalls
05/03/12 - Polls find support for Conservative unchanged despite allegations
02/03/12 - Budget cuts supported by most Canadians, according to new poll
28/02/12 - Poll finds majority think online surveillance bill shouldn't become law
24/02/12 - Quebec NDP members may punch above their weight
21/02/12 - Clark needs a hit in lead up to 2013 election
17/02/12 - PQ and Liberals move past CAQ
14/02/12 - Poll reveals Mulcair first choice to replace Layton
10/02/12 - NDP falls behind Liberals in Quebec
09/02/12 - Census reveals likely Tory gains from newly created seats
08/02/12 - Quebec poised for another major political swing?
03/02/12 - Conservative fundraising lead on other Canadian parties narrows
31/01/12 - NDP slide in Quebec continues amid leadership race
27/01/12 - Conservative support falls as Liberals make gains in new federal polls
24/01/12 - Tories open up lead over Liberals in Ontario
20/01/12 - Bob Rae more popular than Stephen Harper in new polling
17/01/12 - François Legault's party losing support in Quebec
13/01/12 - Rae has led party to gains ahead of convention
10/01/12 - Good news for Alison Redford, bad news for Jean Charest
06/01/12 - Another new party set to enter crowded political scene in Quebec
03/01/12 - New Year's resolutions for the federal parties
29/12/11 - 2012 to be dominated by Tories' spending plans and NDP leadership race
23/12/11 - Polls indicate Alberta's PC leader likely to remain as premier
20/12/11 - Mulcair leads by wide margin in new poll
16/12/11 - NDP support collapses in Quebec without Layton
12/12/11 - New Bloc Québécois leader puts party on collision course with NDP
09/12/11 - Conservatives up in new poll despite recent troubles
06/12/11 - Two types of green dominate NDP debate
01/12/11 - Liberal Party back in second place in poll
29/11/11 - Ontario and Alberta
25/11/11 - BQ race may not be as insignificant as it seems
22/11/11 - Another major incumbent victory in Vancouver, but city isn't attached to status quo
18/11/11 - NDP's opposition to Keystone project could hurt party's chances in Alberta
15/11/11 - Tories would lose majority if election were held today, polls suggest
10/11/11 - Liberal Party primaries could give Grits much-needed boost
08/11/11 - High stakes for Pauline Marois and Jean Charest in Bonaventure
04/11/11 - What a victory for the Saskatchewan Party means federally
01/11/11 - Gilles Duceppe could lead PQ to majority government
28/10/11 - Political turmoil in Quebec
25/10/11 - Polls suggest next Alberta election will be one to watch
21/10/11 - Will probe help buoy Jean Charest's flagging support in the polls?
18/10/11 - Electoral stakes high for Tories in allocating $35 billion for naval refit
14/10/11 - Green Party loses support provincially after electing first ever MP Elizabeth May
12/10/11 - Vote marks a new era of politics for Newfoundland and Labrador
07/10/11 - Divide between rural and urban voters key to Tory loss and Liberal minority
04/10/11 - Dalton McGuinty's Liberals seize momentum ahead of vote
30/09/11 - Liberals still a force to be reckoned with in Canada's smallest province
27/09/11 - New polls reveal a close race that may favour the NDP's Greg Selinger
23/09/11 - NDP may hold balance of power in Ontario
20/09/11 - Alberta's crowded political centre gives Wildrose reason to drink
16/09/11 - NDP leadership race: Brian Topp or Thomas Mulcair?
14/09/11 - Incumbents leading in provincial elections
09/09/11 - NDP poised to make history in Newfoundland and Labrador
06/09/11 - The unstoppable Stephen Harper
02/09/11 - Tim Hudak's hope for majority seen slipping in new polls
30/08/11 - Without Layton, Harper's leadership numbers jump in Quebec
26/08/11 - Bloc Québécois leadership: Does anyone want this job?
24/08/11 - Sovereignty turmoil alters political landscape for Quebec premier
19/08/11 - PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador fall elections: Close races, ridings to watch
16/08/11 - Manitoba, Saskatchewan elections: Ridings to watch on the Prairies
12/08/11 - Ontario election: ridings to watch, close races to follow
08/08/11 - Stephen Harper honeymoon over? Liberals gain in new Nanos poll, while NDP drops in Quebec
05/08/11 - Nycole Turmel and the NDP in Quebec
03/08/11 - Tim Hudak still the man to beat in upcoming Ontario vote
29/07/11 - Wildrose Party plummets in Alberta poll, Progressive Conservatives surge
26/07/11 - Bob Rae goes looking for 2.2 million missing Liberal Party voters
22/07/11 - Jason Kenney, immigrants, and the new Conservative base
19/07/11 - Can Green Party candidates breakthrough in provincial elections this fall?
15/07/11 - Tim Hudak, Progressive Conservatives open double-digit poll lead over McGuinty Liberals
12/07/11 - Winning Quebec: Harper Conservatives duke it out with NDP for province's affections
08/07/11 - Elections and the premiers: Why Dalton McGuinty is worse off now than four years ago
05/07/11 - Harper Conservatives ride high in poll: Tories corner vote among religious, older, male Canadians
28/06/11 - Prince William for King: Poll finds Canadians prefer Will over Charles, but still split on monarchy
24/06/11 - NDP Quebec support grows: Liberals and Bloc Quebecois could be swept from the province
21/06/11 - NDP/Liberal merger: Uniting parties could mean another Conservative majority, if history is a guide
17/06/11 - Jean Charest and Dalton McGuinty may suffer as desire for change migrates from Ottawa to provinces
14/06/11 - Dalton McGuinty vs. Brad Wall, Greg Selinger and Kathy Dunderdale: Ontario's incumbent premier faces long odds while his peers soar
09/06/11 - Harper and Quebec: How Jean Charest and the Parti Québécois implosion could spell trouble for the Tories
08/06/11 - NDP gains in polls across Maritimes: Orange wave washes ashore in Atlantic provinces
02/06/11 - Parliament opens: With majority government, Harper has nothing to lose


12/06/14 - Une course serrée jusqu'à la fin
05/06/14 - Kathleen Wynne légèrement en avance dans les sondages
29/05/14 - Les libéraux et le PPC au coude à coude


10/04/14 - Où sont passés les votes du PQ?
06/04/14 - La fin d'une campagne turbulente pour le PQ
03/04/14 - Philippe Couillard et le PLQ seraient fortement majoritaire
20/03/14 - Le PLQ trône au sommet, mais son avance est précaire
11/12/13 - Élections provinciales : un pari risqué pour Marois et Couillard
03/09/12 - Une femme au pouvoir
31/08/12 - Le Parti québécois en route vers un gouvernement minoritaire?
28/08/12 - Le PQ peut toujours espérer une majorité, mais la marge s'étiole
27/08/12 - Vers un gouvernement majoritaire péquiste?
22/08/12 - Les libéraux vraiment en avance?
17/08/12 - La CAQ progresse aux dépens du PQ
16/08/12 - Jusqu'à 70 sièges pour le Parti québécois
15/08/12 - Un gouvernement majoritaire pour le PQ
10/08/12 - Legault grimpe, les libéraux reculent
09/08/12 - La CAQ gagne du terrain; le PQ toujours en avance
08/08/12 - Ça chauffe dans la centre du Québec
02/08/12 - Un départ raté pour François Legault?
01/08/12 - Le PQ minoritaire avec 60 sièges

Le Devoir

04/05/11 - - Une faille dans la matière première
30/04/11 - Qui sera chef de l'opposition officielle lundi soir?
27/04/11 - Les Québécois pourraient donner jusqu'à 20 circonscriptions au NPD
23/04/11 - Une percée du NPD pourrait procurer une majorité à Harper
15/04/11 - Les libéraux font des gains, mais le temps presse
09/04/11 - Harper flirte avec la majorité
02/04/11 - 151 conservateurs
26/03/11 - Le Bloc en position de gains
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Le Huffington Post Québec

12/07/12 - Élections estivales: peut-être la dernière chance de Jean Charest
12/04/12 - La CAQ s'effondre, le PLQ remonte, le PQ bien en selle
21/03/12 - Le PQ obtiendrait 63 sièges au Parlement
27/02/12 - Le Parti québécois majoritaire, selon un nouveau sondage
10/02/12 - Le NPD perd des plumes au Québec
09/02/12 - François Legault perd des appuis dans sa course au pouvoir