Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New CROP and Léger Polls

The two latest polls from CROP and Léger Marketing have been added. The seat projections have not changed, though the statistical projections have improved for both the PLQ and PQ.

In terms of popular vote, these two polls have moved the PLQ projection up to 0.44 points to 38.83%. The PQ has also inched upwards by 0.1 points to 32.78%. The ADQ is the big loser of the day, dropping 0.8 points to 17.96%. The PVQ has dropped 0.84 points to go to 4.38% and QS has risen from 3.99% to 4.09%.

The PLQ has risen to 60.36 seats in the statistical projection while the ADQ is down to 13.48. The PQ has remained stable. Nevertheless, this movement is not enough to change the seat projections.

If you're wondering why the ADQ is rounded up to 14 seats, it is because their portion of a seat is more than the other parties.