Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New CROP and Léger Polls

The two latest polls from CROP and Léger Marketing have been added. The seat projections have not changed, though the statistical projections have improved for both the PLQ and PQ.

In terms of popular vote, these two polls have moved the PLQ projection up to 0.44 points to 38.83%. The PQ has also inched upwards by 0.1 points to 32.78%. The ADQ is the big loser of the day, dropping 0.8 points to 17.96%. The PVQ has dropped 0.84 points to go to 4.38% and QS has risen from 3.99% to 4.09%.

The PLQ has risen to 60.36 seats in the statistical projection while the ADQ is down to 13.48. The PQ has remained stable. Nevertheless, this movement is not enough to change the seat projections.

If you're wondering why the ADQ is rounded up to 14 seats, it is because their portion of a seat is more than the other parties.

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  1. Éric:

    Surprisingly, even Quebec elections are becoming like what I first noticed when I arrived in Ontario in late 1984, and worked in the May 1985 Ontario election: Provincial elections have become about as interesting as Ontario elections going back to my first one, i.e., they are about as interesting as watching paint dry on walls. In Ontario, I'm very thankful for that.

    If for no other reason than the potential comic relief it can provide, I'd love to see the PQ and Polly Marwad win. Bill 195, the Quebec Identity Bill was so stupid, I'm surprised the rest of her party didn't kick her in the head and burn the thing as opposed to let her make a total ass of herself and the PQ by introducing it in the National Assembly.

    Mario Dumont reminds me of the game of baseball where a base runner gets caught in a rundown between two bases. The ball gets thrown to first, back to second, back to first and they eventually cut down the runner, except in Quebec politics where the play never seems to end. His political alliances depend on which way the wind is blowing.

    Charest to me is your consummate politician: Two-faced! Becomes Captain Canada during the 1995 Referendum, federalism's saving grace, changes teams, and practically threatens sovereignty on the rest of Canada if Quebec doesn't get its way. He should change his name to Benedict Arnold. The shoe fits!

    Quebec has managed to become politically stupid and impotent. In the meantime, that self-proclaimed Captain Canada has hired more language police to persecute the minorities while another overpass partially collapses. That's now three since the year 2000! With a recession on, you can bet Quebec is going to slide back into deficit...and language police are so important now. Must be a make-work project. Sure... harrass the Chinese of Chinatown for having Chinese signs. Then go up Parc Ave. (good-bye Boul. Robert Bourassa) and start harrassing the Greeks and their signs! One of those insipid overpasses should drop on the politicians' f--king heads!


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