Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Pollcast: Election night and beyond in Saskatchewan

Voters in Saskatchewan will head to the ballot boxes on Monday in an election whose outcome is in little doubt. But though the polls suggest the Saskatchewan Party is well-positioned to romp to another majority victory, these voters will have the final say.

What will they decide?

Joining me again to break down what to expect on election night is the CBC's Stefani Langenegger.

You can listen to the latest episode of the Pollcast here.

Saskatchewan Party lead endures in new poll

With only days to go in the Saskatchewan election campaign, a new poll suggests that voting intentions are not budging — and that's good news for the leading Saskatchewan Party.

Insightrix published its latest numbers on Thursday, showing virtually no change from an earlier poll conducted a week before the leaders' debate.

You can read the rest of this article on the latest Saskatchewan polls here.

Mulcair's support down from pre-election high among NDP voters as he faces leadership vote

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair received a bit of good news this week, getting the public support of the leaders of five big unions on Tuesday.

At the party's convention in Edmonton on April 8-10, however, Mulcair will require more than that: he'll likely need the support of a significant majority of the party's rank and file to stay on as leader.

Knowing how the NDP's membership, let alone the 1,500 delegates who will be making the trip to the Alberta capital, would vote on the question of Mulcair's leadership is virtually impossible. But polling conducted since he became leader in March 2012 does provide a glimpse of how NDP supporters feel about Mulcair.

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The Pollcast: Whither the NDP in Manitoba's election campaign?

The Manitoba election campaign is entering its third week, but have the dynamics changed at all since it began?

Joining me again to discuss how the campaign is unfolding is the CBC's Cameron MacIntosh.

The narrative of the race continues to be about the split of the vote to the left of the leading Progressive Conservatives. Nothing is more emblematic of that battle than the race in Fort Rouge, where Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari is facing off against the NDP's star candidate, Wab Kinew.

Adding to the complications for the New Democrats is timing: a Saskatchewan election that could go badly for the NDP on April 4, and a federal party convention in Edmonton from April 8 to 10 that could go badly for Tom Mulcair — distractions that the Manitoba New Democrats don't need as they fight against the odds for re-election.

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The Pollcast: The final stretch in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan provincial election is entering its final stages. But will the campaign go out with a bang or a whimper?

Joining me again to break down the final week of the election campaign is the CBC's Stefani Langenegger.

Did the leaders' debate move any votes, or are these last days of the campaign just about ensuring each party gets its supporters out to cast a ballot? How likely is it that turnout in Saskatchewan will go up, replicating the increase in turnout experienced in the last federal election?

You can listen to the latest episode of the Pollcast here.