Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kevin O'Leary's Conservative leadership rivals struggle to raise profiles

If Kevin O'Leary does not win the Conservative leadership race in May, polls suggest most Canadians will have just one question after someone else is announced as the party's next leader.


Abacus Data recently polled Canadians on their views of some of the leading candidates for the party's top job. It found that a majority of Canadians either had no strong opinion or no opinion at all about Maxime Bernier, Lisa Raitt, Kellie Leitch and Andrew Scheer.

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  1. I really hope O'Leary does not get it !!

  2. Peter,

    That must mean that you are really leery of O'Leary???

  3. Yep, for sure. Another ultra-right !!

    1. Peter,

      Although he is a moderate to liberal on social issues. That should give at least a third of the CPC membership a massive cardiac arrest.

    2. Yes Ron but that Liberal view won't get funded by him so it's irrelevant !!

    3. The Liberal view will not get funded by anyone! Justin has given us deficits until the 2050's resulting in the national debt tripling to $1.5 trillion!

    4. "Although he is a moderate to liberal on social issues. "

      Ya, so was Donald Trump for the first 68 years of his life...

    5. Peter,

      O'Leary is a social progressive, he is the successor to the good old Tory Ontario brand of conservativism, progressive conservativism. His idea for building the Conservative brand is "live and let live" in order to attract young people. He is in favour of SSM, Women's rights including reproductive rights, and LGBTQI rights and respect.

      If O'Leary is "ultra-right" Justin is the reincarnation of Vladimir Lenin or perhaps Mao and is not simply "ultra-left" but, a straight-up Communist! You Peter, must be even worse, a follower of those disgraced men: Lenin, Stalin, Mao!


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