Friday, March 3, 2017

Liberal support slides to lowest levels since 2015 election

Support for Justin Trudeau's Liberals has sharply declined over the last three months, dropping to its lowest levels since the last federal election.

The party has taken a hit in the polls in every region of the country, boosting both the Conservatives and New Democrats as a result. But despite the governing party's worsening fortunes, the Liberals still have as much support today as they did when they secured a majority government in October 2015.

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  1. Yes they have taken a hit and will continue to be hit if they don't start delivering on their promises. So far it's been a lousy production.

    1. Agreed, they are woefully underperforming.

      Yesterday on the marijuana file Le Petit Trudeau said the legislation would be ready by Summer, he made no promise of when implementation would occur. My thought; legalised weed may not happen. With Trump in the White House and the Republicans in control of Congress and talk of ripping up NAFTA etc...Trudeau may simply say "now is not the time to implement-it will complicate our trade (re)-negotiations". I hope I am just being cynical but, we've seen this rodeo before; both Chretien and Le Grand Trudeau said they would "legalise it" when they were PM.

      Truth be told I am not optomistic for while legalisation is preferred in many parts of the country its main source of opposition are the ring of suburbs surrounding our major cities. Areas where the Liberals did well last election and ridings they need to keep to secure re-election.

    2. Marijuana has more legality in the US than it does in Canada. 8 states have completely legalized it and 36 more have some form of medical marijuana. Only five states have possession and sale being entirely prohibited.

      Trump, moreso than other Republicans, may be a president to reclassify the drug with an Executive Order (via the . It fits his populist base: raising alternative revenues and cutting government interference.

  2. Actually bede I think your first para may be the accurate one. A few US states have legalized and apparently there is vicious Repig pressure to revoke those legalizations. Plus Trump is known to be anti. US pressure could be extreme.

  3. It's hardly surprising. Neither the Conservatives, NDP nor Bloc started their leadership campaigns in earnest until a few weeks ago. This gave the government a free ride in the polls for more than a year -- not a wise move strategically. I know it's hard to have a proper leadership campaign right after an election because the volunteers are all tired and everyone spent all their money, but the opposition parties just threw away a year that they could have used preparing for 2019.


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