Friday, March 10, 2017

The Pollcast: Is Jason Kenney's bid to unite the Alberta right about to begin?

If Jason Kenney is named the next leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives on March 18, it could mark the end of the once dominant Alberta PCs — and the beginning of a campaign that could result in a single Alberta Conservative Party taking on the governing New Democrats in 2019.

But while the chances of Kenney succeeding in achieving his short-term goal look good, his longer term aim of merging the PCs with Wildrose, a party led by Brian Jean, the leader of the Official Opposition in the Alberta legislature, will not be so simple.

To help break down the state of Alberta politics and what to expect in the coming months, I'm joined by Alberta pollster Janet Brown and Graham Thomson, columnist for the Edmonton Journal.

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  1. I honestly hope Kenney fails !!

    1. He's halfway there but, now the really hard work begins, joining two parties that don't really want to merge.

      Alberta politics is big enough for two conservative parties. There is a danger a merged party will alienate a large portion of either Progressive Conservatives in the cities or Wildrosers in the rest of Alberta to allow the NDP to win again.

      It is interesting to remember the unification of the "free enterprisers" in B.C. came through parliamentary amalgamation when a number of Liberals and Tories crossed the floor and joined the Socreds. The parties never went away but, they never again won more than a couple seats in the Legislative Assembly.

      At the moment it looks as if both Jean and Kenny are playing hardball with their opening gambits. If the polls remain relatively close I'm not sure either Kenny or Jean will have much incentive to disband their parties, either has an equal chance to be the next premier of Alberta.


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