Friday, July 31, 2015

The Pollcast, Episode II: Attack of the Polls

The second episode of the Pollcast is now up! You can listen to the latest episode directly here.

In this episode, guests Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star and David Akin of Sun Media discuss the issue of polls and the media. Are journalists using polls correctly? Do polls influence their coverage (and is that a bad thing)? And does the media's reliance on polls highlight the discrepancy between the information the public has and the information that parties have?

Have a listen, and let me know what you think in the comments section below. Suggestions for topics you'd like to see discussed are also welcomed.


  1. Media will use any and everything to create a click bait..
    Welcome to the new boss.. Journalism & ethics is just barely holding on..

  2. Great podcast that brings up a lot more questions. I am really curious about the question of data that correlates with politics that is not obviously political. Of course correlation does not equal causation but I would love to hear more on this mater.

    I am also curious about data that is collected through non-traditional methods i.e. Social media. Where does this leave reporting, and pollsters?

    I am a big fan of this blog, thanks for the good work. On the note of correlation, 308ers may get a kick out of this site:

    Thanks again Eric

  3. Daryl Bricker, Lorne Bozinoff and Frank Graves debating the merits of IVR polling, online polling and caller methodologies would be a very interesting show.

  4. I keep getting:

    Video Can't Be Played As The File Is Corrupt ??

    1. Eric I'm using Windows XP. Is there something I need for the Pollcast ??

    2. I don't know - it should work, and no one has reported a similar problem.

    3. The mp3 files don't work, and never have. I'm using a Philips 16 GB GoGear mp3 player (SA4VBE16KF).

    4. Thanks Jim. At least it's not just mine that bombs

    5. The .mp3 files work for me. I've had no trouble with them.

  5. You're welcome, Peter. To elaborate, with the latest mp3 file, it plays for the first 44 seconds, then says, "File format not supported!" This has occurred with all of these mp3 files to date; the only difference is the number of seconds the file plays before getting the error message.


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