Wednesday, October 21, 2015

First sifting through the results

A big election with some big changes, so there is a lot to go through. I did my first overview of the results for the CBC here, so I suggest you start there.

Here's the latest episode of the Pollcast, and the last to deal directly with the results of the election. It's a good one. Joining me is the CBC's Catherine Cullen, Tom Parry, and James Cudmore. They were with the three campaigns in the final days, and we talk about what they were seeing.

Coming in the coming days (potentially into next week): a review of how the polls did, a review of how the projection did, and where we go from here.

Some initial thoughts, though. The polls ranged from a pretty good job to a terrific job, so I think they deserve full credit. Seat projections across the board, though, were off. And I think there is something to learn from that, as the vote results should not have delivered a majority government to the Liberals. Their vote came out disproportionately in seats they could win. I think that tells us something.

Covering this campaign with the CBC was one of the best experiences I've had. It was a fun campaign to cover. For regular readers of this site, I know it was different from how it has been in the past. But thanks for nevertheless coming to this site every day and leaving your comments.

Throughout the campaign, this site received 7.1 million hits. Suffice to say, that smashed the site's previous records set during the 2011 federal election campaign. I hope many of you will return to the site and stay with it as we turn our attention from the election campaign to the fate of this majority Liberal government. And until 2019, we should have some interesting leadership races and provincial campaigns to cover too.