Friday, October 28, 2016

The Pollcast: When will the NDP leadership race get going?

When Peter Julian, an MP from British Columbia, stepped down as NDP House leader to explore a bid for the party's leadership, he immediately became the front runner.

That's because no one else has expressed any interest in the job.

Since Tom Mulcair's leadership was rejected at the NDP's convention earlier this spring, the race to replace him has yet to start. Even Julian has not officially thrown his hat into the ring yet.

But more names can be put forward as potential candidates, including current MPs Niki Ashton, Charlie Angus and Guy Caron. Jagmeet Singh, an Ontario MPP, has also been mentioned as a potential contender.

The campaign will be a long one, as votes will be cast throughout October, 2017.

Joining me to discuss the lack of candidates in the race and the list of names that could soon emerge are NDP insiders Sally Housser of Navigator and Robin MacLachlan of Summa Strategies.

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  1. Until Mulcair is actually gone this party will be in the wasteland. What was a vibrant party suddenly crashed for the voters. Gonna be a long journey back if it is even possible.

    1. I agree the sooner Mulcair leaves or a heir apparent emerges the better for the NDP. Having made the decision, however wise that decision appears in hindsight, they must turn a page, this interregnum period is not going well. Mulcair doesn't have any fire in his belly and the whole caucus seems to be keeping a low profile. I think caucus cohesion may be a problem. In the run up to the convention and leadership vote very few M.P.s came out and explicitly gave Mulcair support. Perhaps the split that developed in the leadership race between Brian Topp traditionalist and Tom Mulcair Third Way Modernisers never healed.

  2. What is really needed is somebody on the left with real charisma. Can't see one myself ?

  3. Alexandre Boulerice is ridiculously charming in French, but kind of sounds like a politician in English. Nate Cullen is more charismatic than at least half of our PMs have been. Of course both of them are ruled out running in 2017 because they have young families (ie they don't want to run against Trudeau in 2019)

    1. The NDP grandees better start trying to convince either Boulerice or Cullen to run or entertain the very real possibility of being lead by Di Novo. Peter Julian is in the running of course, I suspect he will win but, I have my doubts he will be able to hold onto their Quebec seats. Julian doesn't possess the charisma Jack did.


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