Sunday, January 22, 2017

Liberal cabinet retreat in Calgary well-timed as electoral tests loom

Justin Trudeau and his ministers will gather this week for a cabinet retreat in Calgary, site of a Liberal breakthrough in the last election that will soon be put to the test in a pair of byelections.

The Liberals won two seats in Calgary in 2015 — the party's first victories in the city in almost 50 years — and Trudeau's team will look to take advantage of its time there on Monday and Tuesday to build on that progress.

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  1. I wonder if they will secretly have Notley in for a visit ??

  2. The two most marginal Tory seats in Calgary have already gone Liberal. Of the two by-elections Calgary-Heritage an established neighbourhood is the more likely of the two to go Liberal. Justin's approval of pipelines has helped him here but, his true colours showed when he talked of "phasing out" the Oilsands and probably scuttled whatever momentum he had gained. Don't expect either seat to deviate from the Conservatives.


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