Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Liberals lead in 4th quarter fundraising as Conservative donors focus on leadership race

The Liberal Party raised the most money from contributors in the fourth quarter of 2016, though the funds raised by both the Conservative Party and the candidates vying for that party's leadership combined for more donor dollars, according to data published Tuesday by Elections Canada.

And among those Conservative leadership candidates, Maxime Bernier topped the list for the second consecutive quarter, increasing his total money raised to over $1 million.

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  1. I still say Bernier is the person to beat !!

    1. I have to agree. Scheer may come up the middle but, Bernier is looking pretty good; no major gaffes, good fundraising totals, he handled himself well in the debates as the perceived front runner. It's still a long way from guaranteed for Bernier especially with O'Leary but, he is positioning himself well for a positive outcome which is about all one can do given the number of candidates and the rules of the race.

    2. This from a party that used omnibus bills, never answered questions from the media, lied about openness and transparency, and did nothing to bring down the debt in Canada.

      For me, the Bank of Canada brought in my PM King during the depression is what gave Canada the low debt it had from 1935 to 1974.

      Look up the Canadian Action party and the Progressive Canadian party. Most minor parties in Canada actually do want to fix our debt and use public banking to do so.

      How else did we get our highway systems and top-notch infrastructure after the war? We got it from investment, public banking and giving municipalities and provinces the ability to build up and full employment is part of that.

      O'Leary and the Conservative party will only add to the race to the bottom, and Canadians deserve better. We do not need corporatism and the Conservative party. They failed and presided over recessions and deficits over their tenure in office.

      Sadly, Canadians for the most part do not know this.

      Even a 12 year old girl told Canadians beside a public banking advocate group about public banking.

      This proves that we have been lied to our entire lives.

      This is not tinfoil hat stuff.

      The Canadian Action party is the main party advocating for Canadian nationalism, civic nationalism and working together and building a peaceful society and not having bigotry and hatred. We can build a society with full employment, nationalism and a balanced foreign policy, while advocating real capitalism.

    3. As an economist I can tell you full employment is not desirable. Full employment would entail a static work force-Everybody has a job-this in turn will make the economy less efficient as workers do not need to improve their skills and employers do not need to increase pay and benefits to workers. Indeed a pool of unemployed is needed so that new businesses have a source for workers and for workers to be motivated to seek employment. Plus, the very human trait that people lose interest and get bored, when that happens productivity often suffers. I would use the term optimum employment instead.


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