Friday, February 13, 2009

Nanos Favourability Poll

Nanos Research released a poll today, in which people were asked if a certain party leaders have a positive, neutral, or negative impact on the local candidate. The results, with positive first, negative second (I've left out the neutrals and unsures):

Gilles Duceppe: 58% - 11% (+47 rating)
Michael Ignatieff: 38% - 19% (+19)
Stephen Harper: 37% - 32% (+5)
Jack Layton: 32% - 27% (+5)
Elizabeth May: 26% - 23% (+3)

The numbers for Duceppe were only for Quebec, of course. In Atlantic Canada, Ignatieff was best with a +28 rating, Harper was worst with a -10 rating. Harper was again worst in Quebec with -28. Ignatieff was first in Ontario with +18 and Layton was worst with +3. In the West, Harper came out on top with +24 while Layton had -11.

The poll also asked how people rated each leader's reaction to the budget. The results, with "very good/good" first and "poor/very poor" second. Again, I've left out the "average" and "unsure":

Michael Ignatieff: 35% - 14% (+21)
Gilles Duceppe: 38% - 20% (+18)
Stephen Harper: 40% - 25% (+15)
Jack Layton: 26% - 32% (-6)

In the regional breakdown, Ignatieff was again on top in Atlantic Canada (+30) and Layton was at the bottom with -4. In Quebec, Duceppe was best and Harper worst at -7. Ontario gave +26 to Ignatieff and -10 to Layton. Harper got +25 in the West and Layton received -21.

What can be said about these numbers? The important points are that Ignatieff has received a very positive rating across the country, Duceppe is the clear favourite in Quebec, where Harper's popularity is tanking, and Layton is having some significant confidence issues, particularly in Ontario.

Link to poll.