Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Crowded Ontario field could have big impact on Conservative leadership race

Add another name to the list. Andrew Scheer, former Speaker of the House of Commons and a sitting MP from Saskatchewan, is expected to make his candidacy for the Conservative Party leadership official today.

By the time the first debate is held in November, the number of contenders joining Scheer on the stage — including those now in the race, those about to make it official and those seriously mulling a bid — could number more than a dozen.

In addition to that crowded field, the rules of the leadership vote may help produce some unpredictable results, particularly when so many candidates are likely to hail from one province: Ontario.

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  1. While the Ontario Liberals have been a disaster the things being pushed by the Ontario Conservatives would only make things far worse.

    Think Mike Harris !!

    1. Polls show Ontarian think fart differently Peter. By the time the election rolls around more of them will think Andrea Howarth would make a better premier than Kathleen Wynne, oh wait, they already do! After the disasterous (by your own admission) McGuinty-Wynne years, you should at least be open minded enough to give, whoever becomes Government, a fair shake.

    2. A governing change is called for I think to.
      The question is who?? The Tories are no on I think !!

    3. I don't know if Scheer will win but, I think he is a strong candidate to make it to the "Finals". At this point without Lisa Raitt in the running, yet, he may be the favourite although I like where Bernier is positioned. I think Bernier with a strong organisation and his regional base will do well. Scheer's biggest negative is his Western roots, but, there is something about Saskatchewan that endears the place to many. Even I have a strange desire to stay a week in Regina or Saskatoon during the Summer. Scheer would make a good contrast with his understated ways against the media hound Justin Trudeau.

    4. Capilano Dunbar,

      I don't think Raitt will run because of her husband's illness.


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