Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Donald Trump inches closer to White House as Hillary Clinton slides: polls

Not since a surge in the polls at the end of the Republican National Convention two months ago has Donald Trump been this close to winning the White House. But Trump has less margin for error than his Democratic rival, as his lead over Hillary Clinton in a number of swing states is slim.

According to the CBC's Presidential Poll Tracker, Clinton is currently averaging 44.7 per cent support among decided voters, compared with 42.8 per cent for Trump. The edge Clinton continues to hold over Trump has diminished rapidly — standing at well over six points in August and a little more than three points two weeks ago. That lead now sits at just 1.9 points.

While Clinton was already trending downward, the combined impact of her "deplorables" comment and her health issues surrounding a diagnosis of pneumonia may have contributed to her numbers dropping further. In polls conducted since her near collapse at a Sept. 11 commemoration, Clinton has averaged a lead of 1.3 points over Trump. Those same pollsters had her ahead by 2.2 points during the previous two weeks.

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  1. Vote suppression in many different guises is looking to play a big role in FL, NC and OH.

    How many or how few minority voters get their ballots in the box and counted in these states may well decide the election.

    Polling results can be thrown off if "likely voters" are turned away or lineups past midnight in the rain (as happened in Cleveland in 2004) result in voters giving up.


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