Monday, September 5, 2016

Libertarian Gary Johnson's presidential fate to be decided in coming days

Gary Johnson is embarking on the two most important weeks of his campaign for the U.S. presidency.

The Libertarian Party candidate wants to get a spot in the presidential debates, and the final decision on who gets in will be made soon. Whether he secures an invitation will have a significant impact on the fate of his party.

It will also play a big role in the campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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  1. If Johnson were polling a bit higher, Trump might have been able to force his inclusion by refusing to participate otherwise.

    But with Johnson under 10% that would be hard to sell.

    Having Johnson in the debates would, I think, be of tremendous benefit to Trump, because it would present another option to thinking voters.

    And I don't think it would hurt Trump, because Trump's supports aren't the sort to make reasoned decisions.

    Clinton probably needs Johnson not to take part in order to maintain anything like a comfortable lead.

    1. Actually, most Johnson supporters come from the Republicans...

    2. Ira,

      We sure could use a guy like you in the corps diplomatique.

    3. Junah - most Johnson supporters now are traditionally Republican voters, yes. But Trump's current level of support appears very solid. While there has been much discussion of whether he has a hard ceiling of support (which he might), he quite clearly has a hard floor as well. He's been polling between 35-40% for months. Trump's supports aren't going anywhere.

      It's actually a lot like CPC supporters in the last Canadian election. CPC support was rigidly locked at about 31% for over a year before the election, and remains there still.


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