Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today's Poll - 12/06

Today's poll is from Léger Marketing. I've adjusted the projection results accordingly, and since it is very unlikely we'll see any other polls, this will be my final projection.

The PLQ has gone up in the popular vote and up one seat to 69. The PQ is down one seat, and the PQ, ADQ, and PVQ have all gone down in support.


  1. I'm doing a final prediction of my own today or tomorrow.

    I'm also wondering if you have an e-mail account? I'd like to contact you.

  2. Sure, it's listed on the page (though you need to look for it). It's

  3. Thanks for doing this. It was a pretty quiet and no-ideas campaign, so the only thing that makes it interesting is predicting how the parties are going to do.

    For my own prediction, the polls show almost identical numbers to 2003, so I think it will turn out pretty much like 2003: Liberals in the mid-70s, PQ in the mid-40s, ADQ 2-5 seats.


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