Friday, December 5, 2008

Today's Polls - 12/05

Four polls today, the most important being from CROP. I have adjusted the projections accordingly. There is also an internal ADQ poll which won't be added to the projection because there isn't any detailed information, and two riding polls for Mauricie.

I haven't updated some of the riding pages lately, but plan to before the election on Monday night.

The PLQ has gained one seat and are now at 68, with the PQ down one seat to 53. The ADQ remains at 4. Here are the changes in the popular vote since last time:

PLQ +0.20
ADQ +0.15
PVQ +0.11
QS +0.07
PQ -0.45

This is a big dip for the Parti Québécois and the first time we see the ADQ moving up in the popular vote. They are helped especially in the Quebec City performance in the CROP riding, where they are up to 29%.

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