Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today's Polls - 12/04

Despite the excitement in Ottawa this morning, I have a few polls to present. Two of them are riding polls, one for Trois-Rivières and the other for Saint-François. The last is an internal Parti québécois poll. Because this latter poll is incomplete and not really confirmed, it won't be added to my calculations.

The poll for Trois-Rivières is interesting because it is the second poll to be done in this riding. Yves St-Pierre (PQ) is now ahead with 37%, up 6 points from the previous Cible Recherche poll. Danielle St-Amand (PLQ) has moved down to 34% from 37% and Sébastien Proulx (ADQ) has lost more points, down to 19%.

The poll for Saint-François from Segma shows a close race between Réjan Hébert (PQ) and incumbent minister Monique Gagnon-Tremblay (PLQ). Well within the margin of error, Gagnon-Tremblay has 43% and Hébert 41%. The ADQ is well behind at 8%.

Finally, the internal PQ poll shows a closer race, with the PLQ at 40.4% and the PQ at 34.5%. It also shows the ADQ up a few points at 16.7%, far better for Mario Dumont than the 12% he has received in the last CROP and Léger polls.

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