Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's Polls - 12/07

There actually has been one more poll to add to the list. This one is from Angus Reid Strategies, who projected the last election results the best. The weight of this poll is accordingly high.

As a result, the Liberals have dropped a seat to end at 68 and the PQ has risen one to end at 53. The popular vote has also moved around a little, and the big change is that QS has moved ahead of the PVQ for fourth.

These will be the last projections. Tomorrow is the big day! Check back here throughout the week to see how my projections did, and check back here during the next month for the Canadian federal election projection re-design.

UPDATE: All the riding pages have been updated. I didn't get around to projecting all 125 ridings, but many have been projected, and most of battlegrounds.