Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Poll

EKOS released a new poll today through The Globe and Mail. Here are the results:

Conservatives - 36.2%
Liberals - 32.6%
New Democrats - 14.3%
Greens - 9.1%
Bloc Québécois - 7.9%

The Ontario numbers are interesting as well, with the Liberals at 41% and the Conservatives at 39%, thought that is well within the margin of error (4.8%). The NDP at 11% must be worrisome for them, if true. The Quebec numbers are very close between the Liberals and Conservatives (21% to 20.9%) but the 12.2% result for the Green Party looks a little wonky.

There are no major changes to the projections. The Liberals have risen to 96 seats from 95 and the NDP has sunken to 24. They seem to be the ones steadily on the decline.

In terms of popular vote, there also aren't any major changes. The most significant would seem to be a half-percentage-point loss by the NDP in Ontario.