Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some New Polls

Two new polls have been released today from Ipsos-Reid and Nanos. The details of the Ipsos-Reid poll aren't available yet, but you can read the Nanos poll here. The site isn't quite ready to start projecting, but when a few more polls come out I should be ready. I'll definitely try to get the site up and running before the budget vote.

In any case, here are the national results:


Conservatives - 39%
Liberals - 28%
NDP - 15%
Greens - 9%
Bloc Quebecois - 8%


Liberals - 34%
Conservatives - 33%
NDP - 19%
Bloc Quebecois - 7%
Greens - 7%

That is a large discrepancy, and if I had to guess which is the more accurate I'd say Ipsos-Reid. The Nanos poll has some odd numbers in Quebec which look to be an outlier result to me (LPC 39%, BQ 29%, CPC 17%, NDP 14%, GPC 1%).

Stay tuned for the site updates.

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