Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leadership Poll: Léger Marketing

A leadership poll released yesterday by Léger Marketing echoes nicely the polling results from Harris-Decima that I posted about yesterday. Those results had the Liberals at 32%, the Conservatives at 29%, and the NDP at 16%.

Asked who would be the best prime minister, Léger Marketing reports that the response was:

Michael Ignatieff - 31%
Stephen Harper - 28%
Jack Layton - 15%
Elizabeth May - 4%

Gilles Duceppe was excluded because he "can't become Prime Minister". But really, he has as much chance as Layton or May.

Ignatieff beat Harper by wider margins when it came to handling the economy (41%-32%), helping workers (41%-33%), protecting the environment (48%-21%), and helping families (43%-31%). When it came to improving relations with the United States, the margin was slimmer, but still in favour of Ignatieff (39%-36%).

The poll was taken between March 18 and March 23, so it is a little old, and it included 1,508 interviews.