Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Clinton win or a Trump surprise: A viewer's guide to election night in America

When Americans cast their ballots today, the polls suggest they will probably elect Hillary Clinton as their next president. But the margin between her and Donald Trump remains narrow enough that the outcome might not be clear until late into the evening or even early morning.

So how might the night unfold in either scenario?

According to Monday's update of the Presidential Poll Tracker, Clinton holds a three-point lead over Trump nationally. That margin has held firm over the past week, suggesting Americans' views of the two candidates may have crystallized in these final days.

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  1. When do the polls start to close Eric ??

  2. Turnout generally favors Democrats, but at 10pm ET, it looks like Trump has found people who had fell out of the habit of voting.

    Clinton's campaign had no lack of resources and organization, but it seems Trump's uncampaign is pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

  3. Let's call it the Revenge of the Left Behinds which swept the Rust Belt.

    Trump and Sanders brought the plight of the Left Behinds into sharp focus. Bill Clinton in 1992 also talked about those who fell behind while playing by the rules. We can argue that outsourcing manufacturing to China and Mexico steepened during the Bush II administration, but no administration has done much of anything for the Left Behinds.

    Will Trump succeed in restoring the Left Behinds to the decent life they once had? I hope so.

    1. I doubt it...if for some reason manufacturing comes back to the US its going to be robots doing the work, and engineers and skilled technicians doing the servicing of them, not highschool educated labour.

    2. That's exactly whats happening right now Carl. Get rid of people and get robots and it's working !!

    3. I remember a time when folks without a degree could make a decent living - on one salary.


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