Friday, November 25, 2016

Justin Trudeau a big money draw for Liberals

With all of the controversy surrounding the prime minister's attendance at what the opposition parties call "cash-for-access" fundraising events, one might wonder why the Liberals are willing to risk the potential political cost for a few donations.

The party insists it's following the rules. But in the end, the political calculation might be an easy one — according to an analysis of Elections Canada data, the average event headlined by Justin Trudeau raises slightly more than $100,000 for the Liberal Party.

The prime minister and other members of his cabinet routinely attend fundraising events that come at a price of $1,500 per ticket, near the limit of donations allowed by Elections Canada. We don't know how much of the party's $12.2-million fundraising haul for the first three quarters of the year came from those events, but $1,500 tickets can pile up quickly.

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  1. Liberals have learned nothing from the Sponsorship scandal and their decade in Opposition! Trudeau has broken his own mandate rules that his Government would be ethical straight shooters, that even a perception of conflict was too great an ethical smear. Well money speaks louder than words and actions speak louder than both. By the prime minister's own conflict of interest guidelines he should resign! Justin is in the pocket of Chinese billionaires. He doesn't give a squat about human rights so long as the Liberals coffers keep filling. What the Liberals are doing is not illegal but, it sure doesn't pass the smell test. While political parties or politicians may not accept money from foreign nationals. The Trudeau Foundation has no such restrictions. Are Liberals playing fast and loose with the Law again? it sure looks like it. So now on top of all their false promises, now they wish to sell themselves to the Chinese billionaire class, but, they still have the gall to speak about the middle class or human rights! The Liberal Party is like Judas, they'll sell Canada for 30 pieces of silver if they think ity furthers their interests. Time to face facts. Liberals are not real Canadians!

    1. Liberals are so real Canadians.

      They have different set of ideas on what is best for the country and have a much lower bar for ethical behavior.

      These same Liberals voted in Harper to a majority and will vote Wynne and Trudeau out of office.

      People on the right have are just a bit quicker to register disappointment with bad behavior by our political leaders.

      We are mostly all real Canadians with 90+% having the same core Canadian values.

    2. Oh I was only joking about them not being real Canadians.

      Peter is right you get what you pay for and considering this current prime minister wants another 38 million to refurbish 24 Sussex on top of his 30 billion dollar deficit, Justin doesn't come cheap. He lied to himself. He is unable to keep his own promises to himself. He has opened negotiations on NAFTA without being asked. He back tracked and essentially was dishonest about F-35 procurement and has purchased 18 new CF-18 but, unlike his campaign promise the purchase was not open sourced or tendered. The man is a bald-faced liar! He can't stop himself from making promises he is unable to keep. He doesn't understand even the most basic principles of human rights yet, he feels the need to lecture others about them. Just the other day he told Liberian school children-they essentially only have partial human rights because countries progress at different rates! Disgusting, wrong and a poor example for Canada and Canadians. He does not have the intellect to be prime minister. He has broken his own guidelines on conflict of interest. I do not want another three years of this embarrassment. Resign Justin! Resign!

    3. Capilano,

      And who was the Prime Minister in 2008 who told the National Capital Commission that he would not move out of 24 Sussex Drive so urgent and already overdue repairs could be made? Oh yes right, it was Justin Trudeau...

    4. Can you blame Harper for not wanting to spend forty million on himself and his family? Harper understood-it's not his money-he treated it sparingly. Trudeau is a polar opposite-he believes it's his God given right to spend others' money-Just add it to the deficit is his mantra-Let our grandchildren pay for my family's extravagance! Trudeau is a spendthrift. He continually breaks his promises, he praises dictators and communists and most important of all-Why was the Trudeau family friends with a despot, murderer, denier of human rights and torturer like Fidel Castro. Does the Trudeau family have no morals? Do they support the use of coercive force, detention, torture and imprisonment and the denial of human and political rights on the people of Cuba by the likes of their good family friends the Castro family? The Trudeaus have poor judgement. He violated his own ethics guidelines the one where he asked the media to hold him accountable-Well, guess what you broke your own rule-Justin needs to resign! Every day a new mini-scandal erupts-if he is not praising the efficiency of Communist China he is making laudatory eulogies for murderers and tyrants who happens to be a family friend! He is an embarrassment to Canada! It is unfair to allow this country to be ridden through another three years of this amateurish political pantomime. Never mind the money for access scandal that haunts him and his Government and the unseemly ties that scandal has with the communist party of China and the approval of a Chinese bank in Canada. Trudeau promised open, transparent and accountable government. As the purchase of 18 new CF-18 super hornets last week without going to tender demonstrated only the press keep the light of transparency shining on this Government! At this point Justin is little more than a serial liar and a defender of tyrants. Time to go! Resign Justin!Resign!

    5. Last week in Africa he was lecturing school children on human rights-then-his friend a well known abuser of human rights dies and Lo! and Behold!Words of high praise and mourning for that tyrant! He is a complete hypocrite! Canada deserves better. Resign Justin! Resign!

    6. Capilano,

      If you spoke with Harper he would probably acknowledge that it is absolutely imperative that sensible nations preoccupied with their own vital national security have absolutely no choice but to engage with even the worst of our adversaries. That's why the Western powers had absolutely no choice but to engage with, and ally ourselves with Stalin.

      Trudeau and subsequently Nixon opened the road to China which again, was absolutely vital to international security. Again, Mao wasn't a saint but engaging with China also helped the United States as Ford attempted to get out of Vietnam.

      Engage with your blood enemies or risk a cold war or worse yet, a frozen peace. Rabin knew that all too well -- and he paid for it with his life. A true hero, murdered by one of his own people.

    7. Ronald,

      The Soviet Union allied with France and the UK not the other way round. They did so after Operation Barbarossa had marched to the gates of Moscow and had encircled and lay siege to Leningrad. The Soviet Union was desperate and it was desperation on the part of Stalin that made him seek an alliance. The Soviet Union did so only after they were double crossed by Hitler. France and the UK had a choice, it was the Soviet Union that was out of options.

      I don't argue Canada should refrain from engagement with countries we have disagreements with but, our highest elected official, should not give the late Tyrant of Cuba a public felicitation that will be picked up and broadcast by the World's media. It is disrespectful to the people of Cuba who suffered and to all those Cubans forced into exile by the Castro Government. He could have put out a demure and respectful statement, instead he heaped praise on a dictator, tyrant and murderer.

      To bring in Israel and Mao into this discussion is to conflate or confuse the issue. Saying nothing at all would not have ended diplomatic relations with Cuba-Praising the late dictator may have negative consequences for Canada with the new Trump administration.

      It really is very simple. A man who considers a tyrant, murderer, dictator who imprisoned thousands of political dissidents "a friend", is a man with very poor judgement, Trudeau does not have the skills to act for Canada on the international stage. If he is friends with dictators he does not have the judgement to be prime minister. Justin is a man who praises authoritarianism! Marveling at how quickly China can respond to global economics (never mind the costs to people, human rights or the global environment) and now Castro. It's the old authoritarianism of Imperial Rome and its successor the Roman Catholic Church. It's the authoritarianism that allowed Chretien to siphon Government money into the Liberal party, it is same authoritarianism that allows many Liberals into deluding themselves that they are morally superior and it is the same authoritarianism that allows Liberals to not understand the inherent conflict of interest cash for access fundraisers pose upon all politicians and especially cabinet ministers. It is the same old authoritarianism that allowed his father to impose the War Measures Act and a new Constitution upon Quebec without their consent! This Government is a disgrace. Enough with the scandals, lies and praise for dictators. Resign Justin! Resign!

  2. You get what you pay for. Tories know this to !!

  3. Éric,

    And another puzzle: if Fidel was practically the devil incarnate, as the good CPC leadership candidates now claim, why weren't they out front in cabinet or caucus urging Harper to break diplomatic relations like he did with Iran. Guess they only developed their convenient moral backbone quite recently.

    1. Ronald,

      We maintain diplomatic relations with Cuba and formerly Iran on behalf of the Americans. This has been a long standing practice of American and Canadian foreign policy.

      At least Tories have a backbone unlike the slimy deals Liberals do with well connect Chinese billionaires!

  4. Capilano,

    As you know, it has been reported publicly that the Holy See, in addition to the Harper government, served as facilitators in Obama's efforts to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba.

    As for Chinese donations to the P-E-T Foundation, well, if Trudeau does not put a quick end to this clearly unacceptable practice, then it's his government's funeral.

    1. Ronald,

      There is a very large and importance difference between facilitating negotiations of which the Holy See held the lead role, a process that was undertaken to encourage liberalisation and reduce suffering in Cuba. Juxtaposed with fawning and laudatory statements-high praise even of a man who murdered by his own admission at least a thousand people and who in 1964 held 16,000 political opponents in jail.

      Why are the Trudeaus friends with tyrants and murderers? Poor judgement to say the least or perhaps admiration for authoritarian tactics either way it is unacceptable an elected Canadian head of government would have laudatory words for a man whose actions if they were conducted in Canada would have received a life-sentence in Canadian courts!

      It is doubly unacceptable because this prime minister feels it necessary to lecture other countries on their human rights record and while I am somewhat confident that Justin does the same while in Cuba-his words look hollow. The utter hypocrisy is mind-blowing. Justin appears to be unable to hold high office without embarrassment to himself and Canada! Justin must now do the honourable thing and resign!

    2. Ronald,

      So you are criticising Harper for facilitating our closets ally to ensure a peaceful end to a tyrannical regime? Yes. Harper helped Obama because both Harper and Obama want democracy and human rights to return to Cuba. By contrast Trudeau publicly praises and eulogises a despot and a tyrant. The two actions are not equivalent! Harper's sought to strengthen human and political rights. Trudeau's actions by contrast were in praise of a man who executed many thousands of human rights abuses, impoverished his country and through familial kleptomania ran the country in the interest of a small cabal not the overwhelming majority of Cuban people. Harper's actions were in support of human rights and democracy-Justin Trudeau's actions in praise of authoritarianism! Resign Justin! Resign!

    3. Fidel Castro was a divisive figure, even amongst Cubans. It’s easy to paint one side of him as a tyrant and dictator, but the other side is one of a populist that overthrew an actual dictator who made public spectacles of torture and execution. Do you categorize segregation of the HIV-positive population in Sanatoria as bad from a human rights perspective or good from a public health perspective (Cuba has the lowest HIV/AIDS rate in the Americas at 0.07%) or somewhere in between?

      What part of Justin’s statement do you really object to, Capilano? “A larger than life leader”? “A legendary revolutionary and orator”? “Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation”? “His tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people”? “My father was very proud to call him a friend”? “A real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Raúl Castro”? “I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro”? “This remarkable leader”?

      This seems like another prosaic news cycle looking for a scandal. It’s probably to the Liberals political benefit as it takes focus away from an actually important issue, Cash for Access, which could have a long term effect on the popularity of the party and the quality of governance that we receive.

    4. Castro was not a divisive figure: He was a suppressor of human rights, murderer of many who gained and retained power through coercive force! Almost the entire statement is offensive to those that suffered under the Castro regime. To call the late tyrant a family friend is an embarrassment to Canada and shows poor judgement on behalf of the prime minister and his family.

      Justin criticised the Fair Elections Act. Now in Government he supports his "friend" Castro whose policies were far more restrictive than anything found in the Fair Elections Act! Liberals are hypocrites! They say anything to get elected and once in office conveniently misplace their ethics and morals, their sense of right and wrong, their understanding of fairness, of justice and equanimity of the rule of law and constitutionalism. What Justin infers in his felicitation of Fidel Castro is; Might makes right and the ends justify the means! Enough is enough! Liberals must hold themselves to higher standards! Having a prime minister who considers one of the worst abusers of human rights in the twentieth century a "friend" is disgraceful and clearly shows this prime minister does not have the judgement or moral authority to fill that high office. Resign Justin! Resign!

      Justin Trudeau has got to go!
      We don't want tankers on our Coasts!
      Time to Resign Justin Trudeau!

  5. A lot of pure partisanship in the above comments. Surely if you are honest with yourselves, you would recognize that no federal government of any party in your lifetime has been remarkably different in terms of its ethics, its keeping of election promises, its fundraising, etc.

    If you believe that any political party is inherently more honest or trustworthy than another, I encourage you to question what led you to think that.

    1. Why don't you try to defend Justin's actions instead of bringing up past Governments?

      Is it because Justin's actions are indefencable? Is it because he promised better? Is it because he promised a different kind of politics? Is it because he wanted to be held to a higher standard then reneged? I encourage you to question why you are attempt to defend a man so vacuous in thought and so self-centered he would praise a despot instead of the repressed of Cuba and why led you to think that. Is it because you agree with authoritarianism? Is it because in the world of Goaltender Interference the ends justify the means? Is it because you prefer style over substance? Or is it because you so blindly follow a political party that you are unable or unwilling to subject it to any form of critique?

    2. Because partisan bickering is boring and soul-destroying when one knows that political financing laws encourage certain behaviour and expecting politicians to deviate from that behaviour is self-delusion.

      Anyway, plus ca change:

      Ottawa, Ontario - 22 January 2015

      Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia:

      “On behalf of all Canadians, Laureen and I offer our sincere condolences to the family of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and the people of Saudi Arabia.

      “King Abdullah was recognized as a strong proponent of peace in the Middle East. He also undertook a range of important economic, social, education, health, and infrastructure initiatives in his country.

      “I had the pleasure of meeting King Abdullah in Toronto when Canada hosted the G-20 and found him to be passionate about his country, development and the global economy.

      “We join the people of Saudi Arabia in mourning his passing.”

    3. Harper's tone was far different than Justin Trudeau's tone on the death of his late friend Fidel Castro. Harper did not call the late KIng a "friend". Why is the prime minister of Canada friends with the late tyrant and despot of Cuba? It is simply poor judgement and it shows the Trudeau family have a very nasty affinity for authoritarianism!

      Harper did not call the late King a "remarkable leader" or write it was an "honour" to meet him as Justin did while memorialising Castro. Harper said it was a "pleasure" to meet the late King. Mr. Harper was polite, Justin was fawning, laudatory.

      Of course all you champagne communists or Socialist wannabe revolutionaries are missing the larger issue: The King of Saudi Arabia rules under a constitutional system (One most Canadians do not support but, it does have the support of Saudis). The Castro regime is not constitutional! It is autocratic and authoritarian.

      The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro:

      “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.

      “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

      “While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”.

      “I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Raúl Castro during my recent visit to Cuba.

      “On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

      The prime minister of Canada should not be friends with despots and murderers nor with those who suppress human rights. What a disgrace! Resign Justin! Resign!

    4. Capilano -- Harper and Trudeau had exactly the same message. Both prime ministers effusively praised people who ruled their countries for decades without the slightest regard for democracy, freedom or human rights.

      If you are willing to defend one and condemn the other, then I guess you still have the religious fervour for partisan politics that I have lost. Why am I trying to convince you otherwise? It's pointless. Have a great day.

    5. Capilano Goal is a typical ultra-right Conservative and thus incapable of learning or understanding. Look at the stuff he posts and it's pure text book ultra-right conservative. Best to ignore IMO

    6. Éric,

      I will close with this: the PM's learning curve is far steeper than I had first thought. But for me, demanding his resignation is a bridge too far. But he does have to urgently solve Cash for Access, or risk further trouble, that could lead to the government's undoing.

    7. It's not partisan politics. If the people don't hold their politicians accountable we all lose. Public services get eroded and a vicious cycle emerges. Justin asked to be held to account and at the moment he is not living up to his end of the bargain nor his cabinet. Monsef's actions inside the House last week were almost unparrellelled and appears to demonstrates the insincere attitude with which the Liberals embarked upon electoral reform. This from Monsef who by the facts may be ineligible to be a Member of Parliament and minister of the Crown due to errors on her citizenship application. Everyone has given Monsef a break in regards to her citizenship troubles so, to not give her colleagues the benefit of the doubt on the special committee as they do for her every time she enters the House. The double standard is just shocking-the lack of courtesy!

      The truth is whatever party is in power has all the power of a medieval monarch able to re-write the laws for a time. The people must interact with the Government to balance that burden and thus constitutionalism and legitimacy derive. For the people are the conduit from where democracy or tyranny are born.

    8. The prime minister asked to held to account on this very issue. His directive stipulates even the "appearance" of a conflict of interest was to be avoided. At this point there is no evidence to suggest the cash for access meeting was inadvertent or accidental, to the contrary they appear planned, resourced. The buck stops with Trudeau and Trudeau should resign.

      At the very least he should put before Parliament some sort of legislation to stop the practice. I favoured the Chretien plan whereby parties were paid based on their vote totals in the last election.

    9. I think there is some middle ground between not being held responsible and calling for resignation. In order to move forward as a nation, we need to gain from our mistakes, so legislative party financing reform would be very welcome. Even then, it will probably be framed as a partisan attack as the CPC currently has the fundraising advantage and the NDP/BQ limited vote totals.

    10. At this point Trudeau is caught up in a cash for access scandal. What he has done contravenes his own guidelines, at the very least it has the appearance of being unethical and until further investigation, may possibly be criminal.

      Leadership is about being willing and able to make tough decisions. Trudeau did so by writing very strict guidelines on conflict of interest. Now he must show true leadership by resigning to demonstrate even the prime minister is not above the law and his own rules. Resign! That is true leadership, following your word, holding oneself to account even though the outcome may be personally detrimental.

      Liberals and the prime minister are deluding themselves if they think this scandal will go away. The prime minister has been caught red handed! One of the guests has admitted he spoke about business with Trudeau! It's not just a few bad apples, large parts of the tree are diseased.

      As I wrote above at the very minimum he should introduce political party finance reform to stop the practice of cash for access. The CPC no longer has a fundraising advantage-it is the Liberals who hold the advantage but, that is not the point-there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. It is right to make Canadian politics less dependent on large cash donations and private lobbying. The end result hopefully will benefit all not just the Liberal Party.

  6. Goaltender Interference,

    I can't argue with your comments. Having been a member of both the Liberal and Conservative parties, I can see the tendency you've outlined. However, some parties believe that the best defence is a good offense, while others are slightly less rabid on that point.


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