Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kickstarter Update #3 - Cover options!

The Kickstarter project to fund Tapping into the Pulse: Political public opinion polling in Canada, 2013, covering polls at both the federal and provincial levels throughout the year, continues to chug along. We are at 72% of our funding goal - which must be met for the book to be published - thanks to the generous support of 143 backers. But we only have 10 days to go!

If everyone who has already pledged gets a friend to pledge the minimum amount to secure an advanced copy of the eBook as well, we'd achieve our funding goal today!

In past updates, I've outlined the chapters that will be in Tapping into the Pulse and announced that Paul Adams, associate professor at Carleton University, would be writing the foreword.

Today, I'm pleased and grateful to announce that Saul Bottcher of IndieBookLauncher.com has generously donated the services of his Canadian company so that this book can be published. IndieBookLauncher.com will be taking care of the technical aspects of publishing Tapping into the Pulse, ensuring that the conversion to various eBook formats is done professionally and allowing me to focus on the writing of the book. But what is more exciting is that IndieBookLauncher.com will also be designing the cover. Check out their website for some of the great covers they have already done and some samples.

Saul has done three mock-up, draft concepts for the cover and I'm happy to present them here for comment.

Which of these three covers do you like best? Do you have any thoughts on them? Let me know! You can leave a comment on the site, or at the Kickstarter project page, or you can send me an email.

I'll be compiling your responses in an informal poll, and announce which cover has been chosen in the next week.

Let me also take this opportunity to remind you about the rewards at the $75 and $100 levels. In addition to an advanced copy of the eBook, the reward entitles you to a choice of riding whose history I will profile or, at the $100 level, an analysis topic of your choice. These will be published at this site before the next federal election.

Since last week, the following ridings have been claimed with these rewards: Winnipeg South Centre, Beauce, Skeena-Bulkley Valley, and Winnipeg North, in addition to the ones that had previously been claimed (Kingston and the Islands and Kitchener-Waterloo). Some very interesting ridings! But they will also only be profiled if the funding goal is reached - so let's get that bar to 100%!

Thanks again to all those who have already pledged. It goes a long way to help support the continued operation of this site, which is maintained by only minimal advertising revenue. It is greatly appreciated!