Monday, January 20, 2014

Now accepting pre-orders for Tapping into the Pulse

Just a short note today to announce that you can now put in your pre-order for Tapping into the Pulse: Political public opinion polling in Canada, 2013. You can pre-order the eBook either by clicking here or on the banner at the top of the page.

Progress with the eBook is going well, I am about one-fifth of the way into it with two of the larger chapters already completed. I will be ramping up my work on the book in the coming weeks in order to get it to Kickstarter backers by February 28 at the latest. The eBook will then be released to the public one month later (March 28 at the latest, then) but if you did not reserve your advance copy during the Kickstarter drive now's the time to pre-order!

By pre-ordering, you'll save just under 20% off the final price and will secure for yourself a sneak-preview of the first three chapters of the book at the same time as the Kickstarter backers get their full copy. It will give you something to chew on as you wait for your pre-ordered copy to be delivered a month later, in the format of your choice.

The first three chapters of the book cover the opening months of 2013 in federal politics (January to March) and the provincial scenes in New Brunswick and British Columbia. That last chapter goes into detail about how the polls went wrong and tries to answer the question of why it happened.

I hope readers will enjoy the eBook when it is finished. It is the kind of thing I would want to read, which was the reason I launched this site in the first place more than five years ago. 

Thanks again to those Kickstarter backers who made this possible, as well as to for taking care of the technical aspects of publishing the eBook (including the cover art) and Paul Adams, Associate Professor of Journalism at Carleton University, for writing the foreword.

You can check out the pre-ordering page, which goes into a bit more detail about the eBook itself, by clicking here or on the banner.


  1. Bit off topic Eric but what's your opinion on Vancouver coachs penalty, 15 days suspension ??

    I saw that game opening and I've never, in a long time of watching hockey, seen anything like that. Puck drops, gloves come off and both teams are fighting !!

    Incroyable !!

    1. Just a bit off topic?

      Probably about right. The scuffle in the locker rooms was the best problem, I think.

    2. And by best, I mean biggest.

    3. Yeah Tortorella trying to get into the Oilers dressing room was pure insanity !! Agreed

      I think that's what they nailed him for but they also fined the Calgary coach big time to !!


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