Thursday, June 12, 2014

Final Ontario update

For those of you who stayed up late and those who are early risers, I have updated the site with the final projection for the June 12 provincial election in Ontario. You can get the full details of the final projection by clicking on the chart at the top of the page, or here.

A full, detailed analysis of the final projection will be posted on Thursday morning.

The polls added to the projection since the penultimate update are the following (from oldest to newest), with field dates and margin among eligible and likely voters:

Léger (June 8-9, PC/OLP tie)
Forum Research for the Toronto Star (June 9, OLP +7)
Angus Reid Global (June 8-10, OLP +4 eligible, PC +2 likely)
EKOS Research for iPolitics (June 9-10, OLP +6.4 eligible, OLP +7.9 likely)
Ipsos Reid for CTV/CP24 (June 6-11, OLP +3 eligible, PC +6 likely)
Abacus Data for the Sun News Network (June 9-11, OLP +3 eligible, PC/OLP tie likely)
EKOS Research for iPolitics (June 10-11, OLP +6 eligible, OLP +6.3 likely)
Forum Research (June 11, OLP +6)