Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Poll finds Canadians prefer William over Charles

Canadians overwhelmingly prefer Prince William to his father, Prince Charles, as the next King of Canada, according to a new Huffington Post Canada poll released on the eve of William’s visit here with Kate.

But the poll also found the royal couple’s April wedding — a global spectacle viewed by more than 12 million Canadians — has done nothing to boost public support for the monarchy in Canada. 

You can read the rest of the article on The Huffington Post Canada website.

From a political perspective, it is interesting how little Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats differ on the issue of the monarchy. In fact, I was very surprised that more New Democrats did not oppose the institution. On the other hand, it was not so surprising that Bloc voters and Quebecers in general are more opposed but that is hardly enough to get the ball rolling on any change.

And if the Winnipeg Jets put up the portrait of the Queen in the MTS Centre, well I think the monarchy will be around for awhile.

An administrative note, you'll see at the very bottom of this page that I have put up a tracking chart of provincial polls for the five provinces slated to have elections in the fall. The chart only goes back to November 2010 when I began keeping an 'official' record of polls, but I will keep adding to it and updating the chart as time goes on. I intend to keep track of all of the elections scheduled to take place within the next 12 months in this way.


  1. Eric,
    This is the most ridiculous poll you've covered. There was an Ontario poll by Forum that was far more interesting (and relevant) than this fluff!

  2. I'll be looking at the Forum poll tomorrow.

    The Huffington Post asked me to write the article on this poll, so I thought I would share it with my readers.

    I don't know why you would call it ridiculous - the question of who will be our next head of state is not frivolous, and public opinion on whether we should keep the monarchy or not is certainly relevant.

  3. I suppose it could be considered a ridiculous poll because Canadians have no say over whether Charles or William becomes King, and the chances of a constitutional debate being opened on the monarchy as an institution are minuscule.

    That said, I found it interesting, and was happy to read it. As a small-r republican, I was happy to see that desire to eliminate the monarchy is growing.

  4. I'm not surprised actually. I would have been if Charles came out on top !!

    The Charles saga simply sucks and the public knows it !!

  5. TS actually Canada can have whoever we want as our king/queen. It takes nothing more than act of parliament.

    Andrew Coyne for years and years advocated that Prince Andrew be crowned so we could have our own, seperate royal line.

    But the thing is that Prince William would NEVER agree to becoming king instead of his father.

    So it is a rather moot point.

  6. It would take far more than an act of Parliament to adjust succession to the Crown. The Crown is the Crown for Canada federally as well as for all of the provinces. To change the order of succession to the Crown, whether one time or permanently, would take a constitutional amendment instituted under the unanimity provisions.

  7. Eric, at least for Ontario, those quoted polls are essentially all out of date. The last one is an Ipsos in May, over a month ago. Also the sample sizes are really suspect as to accuracy.

  8. Anonymous 09:10,

    What are you talking about?

  9. It's frivolous in that Canadians' preferences don't matter when it comes to selecting our next head of state. The current rules of succession were established in 1701. And while I do expect them to change soon (to allow elder sisters to ascend before younger brothers), Canada doesn't get to skip an heir just because they don't like him.


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