Sunday, November 16, 2008

Riding Projections - Laurentides

These are the final projections for selected ridings in the region of the Laurentides.

Argenteuil - David Whissell (PLQ)
Bertrand - Claude Cousineau (PQ)
Prévost - Gilles Robert (PQ)
Deux-Montagnes - Benoît Charette (PQ)

You can click on the image to see them in greater detail. Comparison of results to projections are below.

The PLQ won in Argenteuil as projected, with 49.5% instead of the projected 42.3%.

The PQ won in Bertrand as projected, with 49.0% instead of the projected 40.7%.

The PQ won in Prévost as projected, with 44.2% instead of the projected 41.8%.

The PQ won in Deux-Montagnes as projected, with 43.1% instead of the projected 37.2%.

Result: 4 for 4 (100%)