Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's Poll - 11/20

Another riding poll from Cible Recherche, completing the round-up of three Mauricie ridings. I also found out a little more about this poll. A total of 1,201 people were questioned, roughly 400 in each riding. The three ridings in Mauricie are now updated on the Mauricie riding page, and all three are going from the ADQ to the PQ and the PLQ.

Taking the three polls in the Mauricie together, we get the following result:

PQ 40.7%
PLQ 35.0%
ADQ 18.7%
PVQ 2.3%
OTH 2.0%
QS 1.3%

That has to be a disappointing number for the ADQ, considering that in those three ridings their popular vote average was 39.9% in the 2007 election.

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