Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today's Polls - 11/22

Today we have a poll from Nanos Research taken from 505 people between November 14-18. Because of the size of the poll and the reliability of Nanos, the weight is relatively low. The weighting of polls taken before the start of the election campaign have also been lowered, as I have been doing with each update in order to give more relative weight to recent polls.

Because of all this, we have a seat change. The PQ has risen to 52 again and the ADQ has dropped to 12. The popular vote change is as follows:

PLQ +0.22
PQ +0.18
OTH +0.05
QS -0.06
PVQ -0.16
ADQ -0.23

There have been no changes to the seat projection high/lows, and no individual riding projections have changed.

I have been updating those individual riding projections, so be sure to check them out continuously.