Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today's Polls - 11/19

Three polls today, one from Léger Marketing and Le Devoir and two riding polls done in the Mauricie region. As the information I have does not list the polling results for the PVQ and QS in these two ridings, I have distributed the non-PLQ/PQ/ADQ vote to the PVQ and QS according to the current Rest-of-Quebec projection.

We have a seat projection change, with the PLQ moving from 60 to 61 seats and the PQ from 52 to 51. We also have some popular vote changes:

PLQ +0.60
PQ +0.01
QS -0.08
OTH -0.08
ADQ -0.13
PVQ -0.31

The high/low in projected seat possibilities has also changed:

PLQ = 40 to 72 seats (+1)
PQ = 39 to 65 seats (=)
ADQ = 1 to 27 seats (=)

There are also no changes in the individual riding projections, though a few races are becoming closer between the PLQ and the PQ. The two Mauricie ridings are projected to be lost by the ADQ, which will be a tough hit to take considering that Sébastien Proulx of Trois-Rivières is #3 in the party after Mario Dumont and Gilles Taillon (who may also lose his seat).

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