Monday, July 6, 2009

New Blog Roll

As you'll notice, at the bottom right of this page I've started a list of blogs. I will add to it as more blogs come to my attention. I've separated the blogs into "Political Commentators" (i.e. the media), "Non-Partisan Blogs" (i.e. informative blogs not espousing the policies of a particular party), and blogs from each of the major parties.

Those blogs put under the rubric of a party aren't official blogs of those parties, and they might often even disagree with the party I've put them with. But they are blogs that are written by supporters of those parties, and I think it is helpful to organise things this way.

I will add blogs as time goes on, but only if I consider them to be quality blogs. When judging whether a blog is a quality blog, I'm looking for informative, well-written posts. Blogs that are too rhetorical, too partisan, and/or badly written or rarely updated will not be added to the list. I've added the Blogging Tories, Liblogs, and New Democrats Online blog lists, which group together virtually all of the blogs which support those groups, so you should be able to find those blogs that I haven't added to my list there.

Here's your opportunity to plug your blog in the comments section, and I will consider your blog for the list.