Saturday, August 15, 2009

CentVingtCinq Updated

Just a little note that I've aged the polls over on CentVingtCinq, the Quebec provincial wing of this site. Since there hasn't been a new poll since June, things are pretty quiet over there. But the aging of the polls has given the Liberals one more seat and the Parti Quebecois one fewer, opening up the PLQ lead to six (62 to 56).


  1. Eric

    How is the ADQ Leadership race shaping up? Any buzz?

    From where I sit it seems like their best days are behind them. Any reason to think otherwise?

  2. No.

    None of the potential leaders look like they'll be able to replace Mario Dumont's personal draw. I don't really have any idea who Jeff Plante or Christian Levesque is, and it looks like the Gilles Taillon camp is having some trouble. Eric Caire is probably going to win the leadership, and while he is the best known ADQ MNA at the moment, he isn't all that well known.

    But, with a few years before the next campaign, the ADQ leader will have some time to re-group. But you have to believe that the enthusiasm among the ADQ membership is at an all time low.


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