Monday, February 28, 2011

From pre-writ polls to election day, history is not on Ignatieff’s side

Whenever a party is confronted with a yawning gap between themselves and their main rivals in a pre-election poll, it is usually waved off because “campaigns matter.” And they do. Campaigns give parties the opportunity to present a platform to Canadians and give voters a chance to get to know the leaders and their local candidates better. Campaigns also tend to shift pre-election polling results a great deal.

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Ontario and Quebec the keys to Tory gains

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It's a comparison of the four polls in early February (from Nanos, Ipsos-Reid, EKOS, and Harris-Decima) to the last time all four polling firms were in the field at the same time in early December.

I will be posting later today about Angus-Reid's new monster poll, so stay tuned!