Sunday, September 11, 2011

Technical difficulties

Connectivity restored. Expect an update this afternoon. Riding projections not yet updated, but image at top of page is current. Apologies for the problems.

My internet connection is down, so I will be unable to update Monday morning. If the technician scheduled for tomorrow fixes the problem, I will update the site tomorrow evening.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for my next Ontario projection tomorrow with The Globe and Mail. Because of my internet problems, the projection at the top of this page will not be the same as that featured in The Globe and Mail.

My apologies for the problem. Hopefully it will all be resolved by tomorrow afternoon.


  1. I really hope you're not taking the Decima poll reproted on in the Globe seriously. It was commissioned and paid for by a private company called National Public Relations, a professional PR/communications company who just happen to list SAMSUNG as one of their major clients.

    You know, the same Samsung that is in bed with McGuinty on the green energy file.

    The same Samsung whos CEO was on the campaign trail with McGuinty on Friday.

    The same Samsung that would lose their $7 BILLION contract if the Ontario PC's won the election.

  2. Hope you don't have the same problems I had. Ended up having to replace the DSL modem !!

  3. Anonymous 18:51, come on, really? The contract is NOT for $7 billion. $7 billion is the amount that is expected to be invested in Ontario as a result of the $300 million sweetner provided for in the Green Energy Act.

    While obviously a privately commissioned poll by a PR firm has to be taken with a lump of salt, you don't do your argument any favours by misrepresenting the facts.

  4. Harris-Decima presented its numbers on the CBC. I don't think they would report a push poll as a regular poll, considering their reputation. In all likelihood, the voting intentions question was the first one asked, and so the responses were unbiased and trustworthy.


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