Sunday, November 1, 2009

From the Globe and Mail

A hilarious critique of The National's new style by Tabatha Southey.

Some excerpts:

Could not the news be authoritative rather than urgent? After all, if a man appears on television, fully aflame, screaming, "I've lit myself on fire with a crème brûlée torch and fairy dust!" he'll likely get the viewers' attention, but he will not have authority.

The anchor you want is the person who can calmly say, "A man has just lit himself on fire with a crème brûlée torch and fairy dust" - and be believed.


CBC news assures us that with "customizable" news we'll be told "only what matters" to us.

To me? Really? Yes. Ideally one day I'll be able turn on the TV and have Peter tell me, "Nonie and Sandy have your electric sander. Goodnight and thanks for watching." Or perhaps I'll have this information shouted at me by a bike courier as he hurls past.

Here's the article.

For my part, it just looks like it is trying too hard. I appreciate that they've given politics a two-hour slot, though.


  1. All the more reason to cut off funding for the CBC I suppose.

    That's probably where a lot of the criticism comes from, private sector journalists who've seen budgets slashed are thinking "they get a billion plus dollars of tax payers' money and they come up with THIS?!?"

    I feel a little bad piling on because I actually do enjoy the National's political roundtable on thursday nights. But I never watch the program otherwise so I guess i've been spared these changes.

  2. I like the 2 hour politics show, too. Great stuff, and it's not even full off fluff either.

    Politics with Don Newman really suffered from that towards the end. Half the damn show was about Mulroney-Schreiber.

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about the new stuff.
    I guess the set looks OK, if not a tad sterile. Thought it does bother me when anchors stand - makes it look like Entertainment Tonigt.
    And I don't like Evan Soloman at all... OK, I'm done complaining now.

  4. Muskoka Liblog,

    that's the entire reason we have a public broadcaster though!

    To cover the subjects that are important to Canadian democracy yet are boring and the average person cares little about. Mulroney-Schreiber was all about the integrity of public office!

    Television shouldn't be about what's popular and what people are willing to pay to see. People are too uneducated to make their own choices. Gov't needs to step in and make it the law that every television provider carry the CBC, that it be available to every household, and that people be force fed endless shows on AGW and various "scandals".

    That's the theory anyways. Not saying its a good one. That's just the line of thinking.

  5. About Evan Solomon,

    is it just me or does anyone else notice he has a really noticeable New York/New Jersey type accent?

    Weird. His wiki says he's Canadian.

    I guess it just hammers home how annoyingly eastern the CBC is.

  6. I didn't post this for CBC bashing.

    Ugh! Start being original!

  7. Eric,

    you posted a globe and mail piece bashing the CBC and expected people to come to the CBC's defence ?

    Now that would be original!


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