Sunday, November 1, 2009

From the Globe and Mail

A hilarious critique of The National's new style by Tabatha Southey.

Some excerpts:

Could not the news be authoritative rather than urgent? After all, if a man appears on television, fully aflame, screaming, "I've lit myself on fire with a crème brûlée torch and fairy dust!" he'll likely get the viewers' attention, but he will not have authority.

The anchor you want is the person who can calmly say, "A man has just lit himself on fire with a crème brûlée torch and fairy dust" - and be believed.


CBC news assures us that with "customizable" news we'll be told "only what matters" to us.

To me? Really? Yes. Ideally one day I'll be able turn on the TV and have Peter tell me, "Nonie and Sandy have your electric sander. Goodnight and thanks for watching." Or perhaps I'll have this information shouted at me by a bike courier as he hurls past.

Here's the article.

For my part, it just looks like it is trying too hard. I appreciate that they've given politics a two-hour slot, though.