Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 NHL Playoffs - Second Round Results

Wow! So the Philadelphia Flyers were down in the series 3-0, and then scratched their way back, forcing a Game Seven. Then they fall behind Boston 3-0 in the first period, but scratch their way back to win the game 4-3 and the series 4-3!

In NHL history, only two other teams have accomplished what Philadelphia has: the 1942 Maple Leafs and the 1975 Islanders. No team has done it in the NBA, and only one team in the MLB. So, a historic night.

Of course, more important was the Montreal Canadiens beating the Pittsburgh Penguins to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, the first time they've done that since 1993. Do you remember what the Canadiens also did in 1993?

My predictions were hit and miss. Going with my heart, I chose the Canadiens in seven and I was amply rewarded. I also chose the Phildelphia Flyers over Boston in six instead of seven.

I was very wrong about the Detroit Red Wings and the Vancouver Canucks. Instead, Chicago and San Jose will advance.

As for the contest, let's start from the bottom.

Commenter 49 Steps went 0 for 4 in his predictions.

Next was last round's winner, AJR79, who was 1/4.

Commenters p3 and Earl, along with yours truly, was 2/4.

Which means the winner was commenter Ira, who was 3 for 4 in his predictions. The only one he got wrong was that he chose Vancouver over Chicago, but since he's a Canadian we can forgive him for that.

I'll make my predictions for the third round on Sunday, and anyone who wants to make their own predictions for the third round can do so in response to this post or my post on Sunday.

Also, as the winner of the third round, commenter Ira gets to write up his predictions in a blog post of his own, with a small political commentary to go with it.

Ira, please email me your post at the address that can be found on the right of this page.

The Conference Finals will be between the Chicago Blackhawks and the San Jose Sharks in the West, and the Montreal Canadiens and the Philadelphia Flyers in the East. Should be a blast!


  1. Somebody should start a Ken Dryden for GG facebook, play off of a possible Canadiens victory.

    Harper is a hockey prime minister and Dryden is the only prominent fmr player with the nessecary political knowledge to serve in the role.

  2. What's funny about this is that I'm not even a hockey fan.

  3. Montreal over Philadelphia in 6

  4. Well since I throughly made a fool of myself in the last round, lets try again.

    Blackhawks in 6
    Flyers in 7

    And my offseason prediction about the Phoenix Coyotes coming back to Winnipeg, may not be so off base.

    If not this season, then maybe next.

  5. Don't feel too bad 49, Hockey insider Bob Mackenzie went 0 for 4 also, so you're in good company.

  6. Gawd last night was a disaster for Montreal !!


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