Monday, August 30, 2010

Day Five: Assigned Readings

In a CBC piece this morning, the NDP says that the Progressive Conservatives are promising more than they can afford. "The NDP is in favour of free this and free that in principle, but we can't afford free this and free that." Yes, that was the NDP that said that.

The Telegraph Journal explains how everyone in New Brunswick owes $11,000 apiece to pay down the debt - and it is due before September 1! Okay, maybe not. It also has some interesting numbers from Corporate Research Associates about how New Brunswickers feel about it.

That paper also reports on one of the campaign speeches of Shawn Graham. He's laying it on a little thick, talking about a 'turning point' election. But this is a good line: "[Alward]'s trying to make this campaign about the past, and that's because he has no plan for the future."

A good, but long, article on the campaign in the north.

The Times & Transcript sums up the weekend's political promises.