Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's Assigned Readings

One thing I'd like to do during this campaign is highlight a few must-reads. These will be newspaper articles and blog posts, and will be updated throughout the day if I find something else that is worth your attention. And since I can't be everywhere at once, I would appreciate if my readers could point me towards some other interesting articles. If I think they should be read more widely, I will add them to the list in this post.

Today, just two. The first is a piece by the CBC on what Donald Savoie, Canada research chair in public administration and governance at the University of Moncton, thinks about the challenges the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives face concerning New Brunswick's budgetary issues.

The second is courtesy of the Telegraph-Journal. Point Lepreau, a nuclear facility in New Brunswick, needs to be refurbished but the federal government and AECL is passing along some of the costs to the province, which Premier Shawn Graham is a little peeved about. David Alward has criticized the Premier, and now Graham is asking whether the PC leader is with New Brunswick or with the Canadian Prime Minister. Considering that Alward opened his campaign today on a hydro-electric dam, it is pretty clear what one of the main issues will be.

There's also a poll by the Corporate Research Associates out, which I will post about it a few minutes.