Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's Assigned Readings

One thing I'd like to do during this campaign is highlight a few must-reads. These will be newspaper articles and blog posts, and will be updated throughout the day if I find something else that is worth your attention. And since I can't be everywhere at once, I would appreciate if my readers could point me towards some other interesting articles. If I think they should be read more widely, I will add them to the list in this post.

Today, just two. The first is a piece by the CBC on what Donald Savoie, Canada research chair in public administration and governance at the University of Moncton, thinks about the challenges the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives face concerning New Brunswick's budgetary issues.

The second is courtesy of the Telegraph-Journal. Point Lepreau, a nuclear facility in New Brunswick, needs to be refurbished but the federal government and AECL is passing along some of the costs to the province, which Premier Shawn Graham is a little peeved about. David Alward has criticized the Premier, and now Graham is asking whether the PC leader is with New Brunswick or with the Canadian Prime Minister. Considering that Alward opened his campaign today on a hydro-electric dam, it is pretty clear what one of the main issues will be.

There's also a poll by the Corporate Research Associates out, which I will post about it a few minutes.


  1. Which 2 seats do you have the NDP winning?

  2. Generally speaking, I don't do individual riding projections. That's not how my methodology works.

    But the two seats I imagine the NDP winning would be Tracadie-Sheila and a seat in either Fredericton or Saint-John. It is just very hard to say, because we have the NDP at more than twice their level of support than in 2006 in terms of the projection, and more than three times their level of support in 2006 in this CRA poll.

  3. Interesting piece by Savoie

    But if you look across the country I think almost every province is in deficit?

    So with all sorts of different governing parties Why ?

  4. So with all sorts of different governing parties Why ?

    Because someone cam up with the popular idea of spending to get out of the recession... which caught on world wide.

    So everybody did it.

    I am proud to say tho. That Saskatchewan positioned itself well, and even tho we did experience a dip.... our budget for this year remains balanced.

  5. That Saskatchewan positioned itself well, and even tho we did experience a dip.... our budget for this year remains balanced.

    Not really. It was in deficit until they reached into the Rainy Day Fund.

    The other prob is that Sask's accounting system doesn't align with any other Provinces standards. So yeah they did better than most but not that great!!

    Still for an NDP pretty damn good !!

  6. ...The NDP hasn't been government since 07,.... nor have the polled above the governing saskparty since soon after the election where Calvert was reelected 7 years ago.

    In fact in the 07 election the Saskparty scored more then 50% in 28 out of 58 ridings... One might give iggy a better chance of winning an Alberta seat than Lingenfelter winning any of Saskatchewan's rural seats. The NDP leader will be running in his chosen Regina stronghold again come election 2011,... because the seat he grew up in turfed him after 8 years... Last election the district voted more than 75% for the sask party... (

    we thank the NDP for their service in the legislature for 44 of the las 60 years,.... but we want people more suited to leading and governing)


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