Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day Six: Assigned Readings

The CBC reports that Shawn Graham won't say in which programs he will cut spending. It's like he's trying to avoid angering anyone. Is this what politics has become?

A look at the electoral contest in Fundy - River Valley, where Energy Minister Jack Keir faces an uphill battle. This local man sounds zen: "Hey, show me a man that makes no mistakes, and I'd like to see him," Cosman said. "If you're alive, you're going to make mistakes. And I'm not saying he's perfect, but he's done well."

The NDP would not make the same kind of tax cuts the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are promising. Roger Duguay argues that those cuts will add over $200 million to the province's deficit. Because when you think fiscal responsibility, you think NDP. Calme-toi, st'un joke.

Won't somebody please think about the children?! I have yet to hear Duguay speak, but I like the cut of his gib: "The Conservatives must stop making promises they cannot keep, it's cynical and wrong," he said. "It is ironic that when the Conservatives were in government that Elizabeth Weir and the NDP put pressure on them, and on the Liberals before that, to create more child care spaces. When times were good, there was no money. Now that times are tough, they make promises they know they cannot keep." Courtesy of The Telegraph-Journal.