Friday, August 27, 2010

Day Two: Assigned Readings

CBC's Spin Reduxit blog laments how polls can drive a campaign's narrative. But, really, is that all that bad (says the owner of a polling site)? More seriously, it mentions how two weeks into the 2006 campaign Corporate Research Associates was showing 37% as undecided. So yesterday's 41% seems to be par for the course.

The Daily Gleaner reports on David Alward's campaign launch. It does a good job of laying out what the Progressive Conservative message will be for the next month. Generally speaking, that message is "NB Power, deficit, and I-don't-like-Graham-very-much."

That paper also has a piece on Shawn Graham's promises to seniors. In a good bit of reporting, we get responses from all four other parties.

The Telegraph-Journal on how the Liberals have the advantage, at least according to history. My favourite line: "In the history of New Brunswick, the easiest way for a premier to get out of office was usually to resign or die." Is Graham taking the hard way out?