Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day Three: Assigned Readings

David Alward promises to cancel the tax cuts aimed at businesses and high income earners, reports the CBC. To my ears, that isn't a very conservative idea. The plan hopes to reduce New Brunswick's deficit, which is about $750 million. Whereas the Liberals plan to cut the corporate tax rate to 8% from 11%, which would make it the lowest in Canada, Alward wants to cap it at 10%. Both the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are making vague promises on cutting government spending, with one of the more tangible promises being Alward's pledge to have a 15-member cabinet rather than Graham's 20-member cabinet.

Dr. Dennis Furlong, former PC health minister, says that New Brunswick doesn't need to spend more money on the health care system but instead spend it better.

A little piece on a few young candidates running for election under the Liberal and PC banners.

The Times & Transcript warns us that it is too early to make any predictions. To that I say poppycock! Yes, I went there.