Monday, November 22, 2010

Does the Tim Hortons crowd really vote Tory?

The Tim Hortons crowd is a blue collar bunch. They like their taxes low, the government out of their face and their leaders the kind you could have over for a beer. And, of course, they vote Conservative. Right?

After arguing last week that the image of the effete, Starbucks-drinking Liberal voter is more rhetoric than reality, a similar analysis of the more than 3,000 Tim Hortons locations from coast to coast to coast indicates a voter’s preference for a double-double does not make them a Tory or a Liberal, but rather just an average Canadian.

The rest of my article can be read on The Globe and Mail website. Clearly it's just a bit of political fun, so read it over a maple dip and then move on to the news of the day.

Death, taxes, and a five-point Conservative lead

While Canadian politics can be unpredictable, there is one thing that has lately been certain to remain the same: polls.

I also have an article in this week's edition of The Hill Times. It requires a subscription to read online. Check it out if you can!