Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tories would be outnumbered by Liberals and NDP in snap poll

Though the Conservatives and Liberals have seen their numbers remain virtually unchanged over the last two weeks, enough support has shifted to the Grits and New Democrats to give these two parties a plurality of seats in the House of Commons, were an election held today.

According to’s updated seat and vote projections for The Globe and Mail, the Conservatives have the support of 33.8 per cent of Canadians, down slightly from the 34 per cent support Stephen Harper’s government enjoyed two weeks ago.

As always, you can read the rest of the article on The Globe and Mail website.

A detailed projection update will be posted here on the site either later today or tomorrow.

By the way, I've noticed that once in awhile I am personally addressed with a question in the comments section at the G&M. I'm not going to wade into that, so if you would like to ask me a question it would be better to post it here.


  1. What is this "snap poll" the headline refers to? I thought it was an averaged aggregation of the past month's topline polling results.

  2. They are referring to a snap election.

  3. Eric,

    Here's some information on the upcoming by-election in Newfoundland and Labrador if you want to try and predict the results.

    If you need to no more let me no.

  4. I think I might just take a look at the result after the vote.


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