Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why it’s tough for Michael Ignatieff to straddle the centre

Keeping in tune with a party’s supporters can be a difficult balancing act, particularly when a leader tries to position him or herself at the centre of the Canadian political spectrum. No one knows this better than Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, as indicated by a recent Harris-Decima poll.

The rest of the article can be read on the Globe and Mail website.


  1. It must be tough to straddle anything, with guys touching your junk all day long.

  2. A politician betraying a sense of humour is always welcome - they're mostly a humourless bunch.

  3. I can obviously find the humour in it, but it is a serious issue that Iggy kind of flops on, as Adam Radwanski rightly points out.

    From the article:

    "Oh, right. I wasn't taking that seriously at all. What I was taking seriously was the part that came after he was done joking - which is easy to spot, because he segues into it by saying "I'm serious."

    He then offers what I can only assume is a serious reflection of his views about the balance between security and personal liberties. "I've long ceased worrying about these issues," he says of invasive screening procedures. "We have to keep this country safe, and the people I feel strongly in support of are the hardworking security screeners.""

    I'd rather have Iggy worry at least a little about civil liberties, but he does give a good punchline which is amusing.

  4. Paul Wells isn't too thrilled by the wisecrack either.

    I tend to give Iggy a pass on this, but I don't know if his own party feels the same.

    You can wear the clown nose once in a while, but you still have to show serious reflection, not "I've long ceased worrying about these issues".

    That is a weak-sauce answer.


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